Long Sleeves: A Stylish Call to The Arms In Australian Summer


If you’re a fashion junkie and love to follow the trends, you might have gone through how long sleeves have been in fashion so far in the last few years. Well, a number of fashion bloggers suggest including the long-sleeves in the wardrobe, but do you know how comfortable it is to try in hot Australian summers? Read on this content to know further.

Long sleeves give your arms sun protection: Wearing full sleeves is a good idea to protect you from the sun. Especially, Australian summers, where the sun is quite harsh, and you can feel the sun rays on your skin, and long sleeves work best this case. Well, if you want to tune up with style, try some light garments with lacework, which will let your skin breathe even in the hottest hour of the day.

Long sleeves at times give a more casual look: You may not have thought about it but long sleeves actually give a casual look. For example, you can buy denim shorts with a long-sleeved shirt from online clothing shops in Australia to dress up your outfit. The lighter fabrics for shirts adds more luxury to how you look and feel with shorts.

A brief style guide: Here are some cute summer outfits for different reasons and body shape, which go with the trend too.

  • Butterfly sleeves: Butterfly dresses generally flaunt the broader shoulders and women used to flaunt it on formal dresses with puffed sleeves that gets wider towards the hem. Many of us think that it will look large but such extension really doesn’t look odd at all.
  • Bell sleeves: As the name suggests, such sleeve style give the shape of a bell and come with a variety of length based on the type of dress. Formally, it was called layered sleeves.
  • Full sleeves with neck frill: It will be a great outfit to look elegant as well as casual with jeans. For example, try button long sleeve dress made of silk chiffon fabric that will come as a light-weight option to beat the summer heat.

Lastly, Long beach shirt with full sleeves is one of the easy to wear pieces for summer holidays in Australian beaches. The long sleeves not only protect you from strong sun rays and can keep you warm in the cool night’s breeze.



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