Looking For Quality Frosted Glass Appearance? 3 Trending Options!


The whole purpose of window films is to bring out a frosted glassy appearance on your windows or doors. Most businessmen use this in place of those traditional curtains and blinds to add more privacy to their office.

They are very easy to maintain (with just soapy water once or twice a year), and can be achieved in budget-friendly rates! But, considering the vast number of options available in the market, it can be daunting for you to know which one could be the appropriate option.

To ease your efforts slightly, here are three trending options to think about!

  1. Graded Frosted Window Film: Stylish and self-adhesive, it is an ideal choice for window, doors and glass partitions in commercial offices. Generally available in 1.5 m (in width), they can be applied both vertically as well as horizontally.

Design-wise, graded frosted windows come with a clear release liner, and this is why quality window frosting experts can only cut them in length and not in a particular size.

Other Perks Of Graded Frosted Windows

  • Its application is hassle-free without any formation of bubbles.
  • They are M1 setting for withstanding fire.
  • It is also impressively impervious to condensation and water exposure.
  • They are very decorative and helps to highlight the glazed areas.
  • Graded frosted windows are also very versatile in application and can be fitted on smooth glassy surfaces, even double glazed surfaces.

  1. Blurred Frosted Window Film:Another trending Glass Frosting in Wollongong for your large office windows and glass partitions in commercial buildings, is the blurred frosted windows. The film will appear to be graded right from clear to frost, and then back again. This will ensure the centre area appears blurry. Much like the above option; this blurred window film is suitable for smooth glassy surfaces and double glazed windows.

Its installation is very quick and requires nothing more than some basic tools. Plus, it is also very easy to clean (with soapy water)- which means fewer maintenance headaches, all-year-around!


  1. Opal Obscure Glass Films: Opal obscure glass films are available at a standard of 1.52 m in width. For this reason, so many businesses use this on their large glass partitions and big-sized windows.

A USP of this is that it allows 60% of light to pass through, and once installed; you will experience round the clock privacy from both sides.


Final Words:

If you wish to know more such impressive and aesthetically pleasing window frosting options in Wollongong, then it would be best to consult experienced specialists who do this for a living. They are aware of all the trending frosted window films for commercial offices.

You can even browse through a few of their available frosted films- sort out the right option in terms of transparency and gloss/matte/satin finishes. These experts may also provide you with few of their frosting samples- including ones with digitally cut letters and style-effects.

All this will only help you choose the best option for your workplace. So, speak to these frosting professionals and boost up your office aesthetics and privacy.



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