Looking To Paint High Ceilings?- Few Surefire Tips!



If you have a room with high ceilings, then it can get a bit awkward to paint it all by yourself! But you do want to paint it nicely so that it complements the rest of your home decor- even though you never actually have tried it before!

“So, How To Go Bout’ It…?” is what you must be thinking… Right? Don’t worry. This post explains those key tips that you ought to remember when attempting to paint your high ceiling surfaces.

Painting High Ceilings Properly:- Tips!

“Free Up Space & Pick The Right Ceiling Colour.”

The first thing to do is to prepare your room. Move out as much stuff as you can and allow a free passageway to move around the room. As for those large-sized furniture sets and antique items, cover them up using a cloth to protect it from paint splatters and drips.

Next, you have to decide what colour works for your ceiling. And the reason being ceilings don’t get painted often. The wise option would be to opt for ceiling paints as that will make the task much easier.

“Equipment For Painting High Ceilings.”

Yes; you may need standard rollers, normal paint brushes and ladders to be able to reach to the edges and surface of the ceiling. If you have a really large place, then you may even need a scaffolding.

Also, consider using a sprayer as it may help speed up the application in large-sized rooms. They may be expensive, but they come with long handles for your rollers to apply paint from a greater distance. A sprayer proves very useful to paint those difficult to reach ceiling areas and corners

“Think Of A Primer For Old-Yellow Appearing Ceiling Surfaces.”

As per quality painting services in Sydney – if you have a ceiling surface that’s old and yellow in appearance, then you may require a primer. You can apply it using a roller with a long handle.

You can easily get on the ladder and reach out to the highest and furthest points of the ceiling. Applying a coat of primer helps retail the strength and quality of your ceiling surface. Plus, it makes the paint job even seamless.

But Phil Drakes:- an interior painting specialist serving Sydney says clearly:-“In some cases; you can apply the topcoat straight away without even needing a primer coat. You can do it using a roller and getting on a ladder. It will give you more control when applying the coat and for reaching those dicey edges that require a more detailed work for a clean finish!”

Final Words:

Many consider painting high ceilings to be a risky DIY chore. And honestly, it is. One slip or lapse in concentration may result in a horrible fall and a needless injury. So be very careful when executing every step and always have a backup friend to help you out. An alternative (and less risky) option would be to contact reliable, Residential Painters North Shore to paint your ceilings on your behalf. They have the experience, the knowledge, and the equipment to ensure a quality paint job and 100% job satisfaction.



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