Maintain Your Car Like a Grown Adult with a Few Caring Tips



With regular care checks and maintenance, you can avoid all potential problems. Even, one of the reassuring qualities of contemporary cars is they need frequent servicing to keep them running well. For example, breaker points, condenser and spark plugs are used to be the seasonal exercise. Find a few maintenance tips you will get to learn in driving school in Ryde.

Engine Oil Checking

With a regular checking or oil, you can keep your vehicle in good condition. If there is a leak, you will find adding oil regularly. Experts suggest parking your car on the ground level to get the proper reading of the oil level.

Air Pressure of the Tyre

Before you plan a long trip or once in a month, you should check your tyre pressure to identify the inflation pressure that each tyre has including the spare ones. Use the inflation pressure as per the guideline of the manufacturer. Make sure to inspect tyres for uneven wear, cuts and any sidewall bulges you can see.

Wash the Car

Wash the car every week, while cleaning off the body, hose out fender wells and undercarriage to remove the road salt and dirt. Check the Air Filter: Remove the air-filter and hang it against the intense light. If you can’t see the light, it’s time to replace the filter. Even it’s better to take your vehicle for servicing at certain intervals.

Inspect the Exhaust System

If you’re willing to take your car under inspections, don’t forget to check through the exhaust parts that need replacing. Listen to the changes in the sound of your exhaust while driving. It may require you to replace the entire unit, instead of repairing the different sections.


Whether you are handling your own brake faults or involving the professionals, it may need removing the worn pads or linings, badly scored drums and rotors. And, above all, the brake system needs to be checked at least twice a year.

Check the fluids

Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir and also check the power-steering-pump dipstick. If you find the brake fluid level is low, top it up and also don’t forget to check the leaks.

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