Make Your Home New Year Ready By Solid Plastering


Are you overwhelmed by the perfect looking walls? Think about flawless and smooth textured walls. Aren’t they dream you wish to come true? So, start the new year by making your building walls beautiful with solid plastering. But why solid plastering? Is there any benefit? Read this content to know perks of solid plastering in details-

  • The smoother texture of walls: Plastering gives walls an even surface that creates a smooth texture, and your guests can’t resist touching it once they get to know how appealing the wall surface is. Due to the smooth surface, you can decorate your walls which finely discards the uneven application of decorative items.

  • Weatherproofing of your building walls:Professional solid plastering in Brisbane is the method of applying plaster to the surface of wall or ceiling that not only makes it smoother but also ensures nothing gets transferred from one end to another. No plasterboard under the skim coat ensures the waterproofing.

  • Durability is increased: Solid plastering stays intact for years, which not only makes walls beautiful but also gives them the much-required persistence. The long protection will minimise the periodic maintenance that cut the expenses eventually.

  • Soundproof walls:If your house is on the busy street, soundproofing is essential. Solid plastering seals almost every corner of your home, so there is no space for sound to penetrate the walls.

  • Quick and easy application: Solid plastering does not require much effort to apply. The application takes quite a less time without the wait for drying, which is quite similar to dry walls.

However, plaster is quite different than render, as it contains less cement in its composition- it is mainly suitable for interior walls, ceilings to achieve the smooth and flat surface for painting.

  • Few things to remember: According to professionals for solid plastering in Bracken Ridge, the plaster must be set and completely dry before you apply anything on the rendered walls. Especially, before painting or wallpapering is applied, the plaster must get dry. The layer of plaster used, weather, as well as central heating affect the drying time of plaster. Make sure your building is properly ventilated during the drying stage. So, keep the doors and windows open during this phase.


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