Making Laser Tags More Exciting:- Some Cool Ideas!


When enjoying a laser tag action, all it takes is using your gear and a  little bit of imagination to create a real-time video game action- be it in your yard and neighbourhood.

However, what if you could make it more exciting. To help you take your game to the next level, here are some cool ideas to try out.

Obstacle Courses And Scavenger Hunt:-

The whole point of the game is to collect clues for the big prize in the end and the sense of pride that comes along with it.

You can set up two teams and arrange for some obstacles using cardboard or other items like things to crawl through-over-under and putting up stations. Players will be given a task to complete, and if successful, get access through the stations.

You can arrange for puzzles to decipher or put up fixed targets to shoot with your phaser guns. Whichever team hits all the targets gets a clue to move forward in the game.

However, it is always nice to have a senior member or say kids party entertainers to watch over all the kids and even assist them in completing their tasks.

The final stage should be set in a way that both teams lock horns in a laser tag battle. Impose rules like whichever player gets hit will have to wait for 5 minutes before they can get back in the game.

Whichever team knocks out their opponents will be crowned the winner.

Rescue Adventure And Intense Laser Tag War:-

Another competitive game to arrange for your little ones is this rescue adventure game. The task is to rescue the object or person that’ s being guarded.

Set the rules like whichever player is tagged by the opposing team will either be out of the action or will have to freeze for a few minutes. Add two or three types of playing fields like a maze, a darkened area and an open field for the final stage of mobile laser tag battle. Whichever team overpowers the other and procures the item, wins!

SPY Against SPY:-

The rules of this game are very simple. Both teams will aim be to steal a secret formula or a doomsday weapon from the opposition camp, taking them out and returning without getting hit. If the player is hit, then she/he will be eliminated.

You can decide to play this individually or as a team. If individually, then each player will hide their team and will stealthily sneak into their enemy territory to take them out and steal away their secret weapon.

The first team member to discover it and return home without any hits; wins.

For the records; you will be happy to know that some agencies are offering special offers on laser tags along with other exciting kids entertainment items in Sydney. So, look for such offers and mix it with these mentioned ideas to take your taser tag entertainment to a new level.



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