Making the Most of Coloured Lenses to Enhance Beauty


Colour lenses work and beautify every eye depending on the skin colour you have. Colour contact lenses enhance beauty in no time without doing much. You just have to understand which colour lens works best for your skin type. When you buy a pair of contact lenses you have to consider two factors. One is the colour combination and the second one being the dimension of the lenses.

See how you can make the most of colour lenses without making a big fuss over other beauty standards. Let’s look at how a pair of lenses can change your entire look and how to buy to consider the fact:

Iris coloured lenses:

Iris coloured lenses enhance the natural look. For the dark eye, iris colour contact lenses suit noticeably. It lends a vibrant look to your dark eyes.

Brown contacts:

Brown coloured contacts are popular and worth mention. It perfectly goes with every skin complexion. It is fun and sets the look regardless of your skin colour. Dark brown lenses are termed as ‘wild colour lenses’.

Also, there are a plethora of shades on which colour lenses are available. Amethyst, violet, grey is mention-worthy.

Once you have decided the colour of the lenses, there are other aspects of buying a colour lens that you need to consider:

If you are a first-timer:

  • When you wear contact lenses for the first time, keep in mind that germs are an enemy of your lenses. Keep your hands clean.
  • Use the solution of the lens in an ample amount. Soak the lenses in the solution for at least 8 hours.
  • Do not bring the lenses in contact with water. Also, don’t rinse the lenses with water.
  • Position your lenses in the eyes properly. If you feel initially, you are failing to position the lenses, and then take help.
  • If you feel a sense of irritation in your eyes, you should take them off for at least 12 hours.
  • Maintain the colour lenses as it is. Don’t touch the inner parts of the lens. Try to keep your hands in the outer layer.
  • Get the right size of lenses from a professional eye specialist. The dimension or the diameter of the lenses is a determining factor. If you use bigger size lenses, then chances are the position of the lenses will be incorrect. On the contrary, lenses with a small dimension, will not fit in your eye retina.

You have to give your eyes a little bit of time to get adjusted with this new formula. Once you are accustomed to using these stylist lenses, you are going to use it at the party, casual meetings and wherever you want!



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