Male Menopause? It’s True and Here’s A Discourse On It


There are things we know, and there are things we don’t. But, sometimes the things we don’t know appear to be accompanying us problematically for a really long time. Such is the case when a man suffers from Male Menopause.

Yes, believe it or not, male menopause is a common and significant issue in men all over the world.      Generally, one would find older men to face its complications, but younger men are its usual victims too. The ailment is also called ‘Andropause’ making mentionable changes in a man’s body and mind in degrading standards. This is a special type of testosterone reduction in the male body. However, it has many symptoms. Counting erectile dysfunction for low testosterone as the only indication for Male Menopause won’t be the correct diagnosis. To identify it rightly, you have to know more about it.

Be certain about knowing more on Male Menopause as this blog can offer you that. Read to find out.

Common Terms for Male Menopause

Well, the ailment mainly involves age-related alterations of degenerative natures in men. The said deteriorative changes happen both physically and mentally. Along with the common term Andropause, it is also coined as Androgen Deficiency and Testosterone Deficiency. For more information, this complication is taken to be related to Late-Onset Hypogonadism too.

erectile dysfunction for low testosterone

It’s Target

Generally, male menopause happens with older men. Causes include natural decaying of cells and hormonal levels with increased fatigue for natural reasons. But younger men are the victims of this problem too for a number of logical reasons, which help in an untimely drop in the hormonal level and other specific biochemical changes.

Few of these reasons include trauma; depression and stress from the mental level. For the physical department, poor and unhealthy eating habit; excessive fat and processed food consumption; smoking; drinking and lack of sleep are counted as everyday evils for bringing this problem into the sphere of life.

How Is It Different From Female Menopause?

Well, this is the point, which every man wants to know at the primary level. They think if their sexual power is going to cease working or not. Well, they should not worry so much. Male Menopause does not entirely stop the male reproductive organs. But, due to the drastic loss in the testosterone level, it is natural for them to experience alarming changes in their sexual life as well as their general physical traits.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

Well, there are generally two kinds of indications one would find in this ailment. They are written below in individual points.

  • The Standard Symptoms

In case the ailment has just started its course in your body, you will feel sudden but continuous loss of energy and mental depression. Physically, you would feel occasional pains without any explainable reasons. Moreover, you would be troubled by lack of sleep or difficulty in sleeping. You’d feel severely low level of libido. Your bones may get weaker in density. You may either gain or lose weight.

  • The Additional Symptoms

Now, the ailment has reached an advanced stage. You can feel sudden hot flashes in the body unreasonably. Hair loss can occur all over the body. Your breasts may either be swollen or get developed a bit like women (known as gynecomastia). Plus, you would witness shrinkage in your testicles.

Such symptoms (both the general and the additional) should never be ignored. In problems like these, a testosterone replacement therapy for men works splendidly to help you recover efficiently. However, you must seek professional assistance from reputed brands offering such services.

Time to Wrap Up

Well, the right treatment at the right time can offer you a life you always dream of. Just stay focused on the changes you see in you.

The rest of the thing is finding the relevant service and GETTING WELL.



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