Mastering The ART of Taking (Pose-Perfect) Shots With Photo booth


Everyone loves to take pictures. But they are notoriously difficult to master. Perhaps that explains why you take around 100-200 shots and only choose 5-10 for your profile.

The reason for this is:- YOU, are your worst critic. And when you’re calling all the shots, it is next-to-impossible to achieve the pose-perfect picture.

However, that doesn’t mean that this skill cannot be mastered. And to perfect it photo booth arrangements are the best way to polish up your poses.

Here are some tips for mastering your so-called “self-righteous and posture-perfecto” click.


Yes, getting a photo booth hire in Melbourne does indeed present users the scope to try out different poses in different combinations. But while it is fun to keep posing differently in front of the camera, very few of them are perfect in your eyes.

So, what you can do is remove any chaotic or over-dramatic background and look to make your shot professional. 

“DON’T Tense To Avoid Looking Awkward…”

When taking pictures, another important tip is not to tense up as it might make your picture awkward. When you stand in front of a photo booth arrangement, remember to drop your shoulder, relax your jaws, take deep breaths and shift your head slightly forward.

Being relaxed does make you look confident and cool in pictures. So, keep that in mind.

“Smile Like You Genuinely Mean It…”

There is a very popular saying-

“Dance, as if you are standing on the corpses of your haters and smile as if no one is watching you.”

And although you don’t have to be so dramatic, you get the idea. When you smile for the camera, do it with both your lips and eyes. Consult with cheap photo booth hire providers in the area and arrange for one in your next event.

Be it solo or with your friends; you can practise your skills and get better at it as the event goes.

“Put Your Best Foot (or anything else) Forward…”

As it turns out, everyone claims to be a good poser. But then, they are anything but that! If you suffer from this ‘superior-poser’ complex, then put it out of your mind and look to put your best foot (or even eyes, nose or cheeks) forward.

There’s also a good logic behind it. As per the common knowledge of professional photographers, whatever attributes are closest to the cameras will get highlighted prominently. You can take advantage of this.


“Say, if people tell you that your jawline is amazing, then whenever you pose in front of the photo booth arrangement; you should tilt your head back and request to slant the camera in the direction of that profile.

Similarly, if you despise your nose, then never strike a pose looking straight towards the camera.”

“Be Aware Of Your Good Side…”

Full-scale photos often exaggerate whatever asymmetry lies in your face. They tend to display more of a mug shot.

If you are not aware of your good side, stand in front of the photobooth set-up and try taking shots of both your face sides.

Compare the two, and whichever side appears good, that is your good side. Knowing this is very important to achieving quality selfie clicks without feeling uncomfortable or nervous.

Simply tips which make a huge difference to your shots. So, whether you arrange a birthday photo booth hire Melbourne or for a corporate event, practise your posing with these skills.

With time you will get better.



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