Mental Health and Reverse Living – The Unmistakable Bond


The concept of the reverse way of living is based on swapping the configuration of the plans or layouts of building. In other words, this concept is based on interchanging your living plans between the ground and the first or/and second floors. Now, this has a huge impact on our social and psychological health. In this page, we discuss the impact of this new kind of living on the psychological well being of people.

More Air and More Space

When you stay in more airy places that are more spacious, it influences positively on the mind. That is the reason, if you have an open, wide lounge in the first floor instead of the ground floor overlooking the sprawling greenery or some open space it will have a positive effect on your psyche.

A more airy ambiance will have a pleasing effect on the respiratory system, which will give a sense of ease to the alveoli of your lungs, which in turns will improve the oxygen level in the blood. An improved flow of oxygen to the brain will help in a sense of relaxation.

If the improved flow of air helps in better respiratory easiness, the availability of more space in the building that follows the concept of reverse living will give a relaxed state of mind with a sense of peace and tranquility, which will further help the cause.

A Better Sight of Nature and Things Outside

Yes, this adds to the positive impact of reverse living as well. When you get to see the nature, the sky above and the extent of the greenness of the world outside, you get a sense of freedom from the limitation of your restricted movements within the walls of the rooms. That is the reason people generally keep the rooms of the second floor airy and relatively bigger, in this new concept of planning, which is based on a concept of living in a reverse way. This will have a great impact on the mind as well.

The kitchen also plays a positive role

When it comes to building homes by following this new concept of living, a builder of energy efficient home in Melbourne would make kitchens as spacious as possible. When that happens, it automatically leads to the making of food with more values, which have a healing effect on the mind as well, besides health.



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