Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG – The ‘Beauty IN the Beast’ that Makes Your D-Day


Mercedes is the brand with a class of its own! There is no doubt about it. Hence, you have thought of hiring a Mercedes as your wedding car, that’s a mother of all decisions you have take and it needs to be applauded with full throttle!!

Then again, if your pick turns out to be the ML63 AMG variant you must be the bloke then, with the rare talent of hitting the jackpot right when it matters the most!

Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG is a beauty to start with! It’s small, but as you know, great things come in small packages – as always! Yet, with enough space to comfortably seat up to 4 heads with enough leg space, she is the ultimate wedding car to hire in Sydney. Indeed, once you put money on this beauty, and it underlines your wedding with a sophistication that no other vehicle can!

Where does her greatness lie?

Well, the simplest answer to this question is, her greatness lies in her composure!

As one of the eminent car testers has very rightly described, “The ML 63 AMG variant is exactly what Mercedes wanted to achieve. She has ended up precisely where Mercedes wanted to see itself! It’s refined to be the finest, purest, fast yet composed, luxurious to the optimal, splendidly well-equipped with futuristic technology, and more importantly the most practical in the kitty of the company- far ahead in terms of practicality than the X5 and the Cayenne!!”

What better accolade can there be for a four-wheeler than this? And it comes from someone who has been test-riding for ages.

The exteriors – a perfect blend of sporty and classy get up 

The exterior shape, look and feel seems to have a sports car like intent. The makers of this car have brought in the look and feel of the Affalterbach, but with tinge added sophistication. The exterior enhancements that the makers have incorporated are a bit subtle when compared to the other MG models. Yet it is enough to put across that typical ‘sporty’ massage that makes the difference. With the muscular frontal bumper, bigger air intake becomes possible and with the fenders having more pronounced flares, the car gets a more definite and robust look that makes it a perfect model for a wedding!

The interior

Let’s not discuss the interiors much, excepting the fact that it’s the epitome of luxury and soberness blended into one. Then with 9 airbags, and the ABS & Brake Assist System speed-sensitive steering, AMG suspension, smartly designed upholstery, a music system from Harman Kardon, with rear-seat entertainment, the interior is a class of its own, giving you a ride of your lifetime on your very special day. Surely all these make the car the most gifted asset in the fleet of a professional wedding car hire company in Sydney as in any other place.

Indeed, she is the best choice you can make for your D-Day!



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