Methods of Cutting Sheet Metal – A Glimpse into the World of the Suppliers


Sheet metals are available in a wide range of thickness and it is their thickness, upon which their strength depends. Now, depending upon the pattern and type, these sheet metals can be cut in various ways. For that, the specialists use different types of equipment. While at times, they would use electric saws for cutting out simple lines, for cutting out complex designs of various shapes out of the sheets, they would use tools like snips, metal nibblers or dremels. Here on this page, we discuss the different methods that specialists use to cut and supply sheet metal near Redcliffe. Even with the use of the right kind of tools, it is pretty hard to cut these sheet metals and hence, only seasoned specialists are into the job of cutting.

Using Electric Saw

To cut a straight line using an electric saw, the specialists would take the following steps:

  • At first, they would wax the saw blade before they start the cutting. This will help to prolong the sharpness of the blade and continue the cutting unabated, till the entire sheet is cut out.
  • Now, they would tape the entire sheet and securely place it in a place. Applying the masking tape will ensure a clearer and more distinctive cut and prevent the chips of metal from scratching and damaging the sheet during the cut.
  • Thereafter, they would press and run the saw blade against the surface of the sheet with the teeth point of the saw directing forward.
  • Then they would start stroking the metal symmetrically and continue doing so, pulling the blade back and forth to one end and the other until the cut is complete.

Using Tin Snips

The experts would use this method for cutting thinner sheets. To do so, they would choose either red, yellow or blue snips depending upon the direction of the cut. Generally, they choose red-handled snips to cut left, green-handled snips while cutting right and yellow-handled snips for cutting straight.

  • At first, they will align the snip along with the sheet and make the first cut in it
  • Once the first incision is done they would continue to cut through the sheet as much as needed.

Using Dremels

Experts use dremels to make detailed as well as shorter cuts on sheet metal in Brisbane like in any other place. Blades of dremels are quite smaller and lighter. Hence, they are easy to maneuver for making detailed incisions in the metal. Naturally, they come in handy for making curved as well as straight cuts.

  • At first, they place the metal on the secured surface and turn the dremel on.
  • Then they would press the blade of the dremel against the surface of the sheet and continue working from one end to make the incisions till the other end as per the requirement

Using Metal Nibbler

The specialists would use metal nibblers to make small cuts, as these nibblers allow much better and articulated control over the cuts while maintaining a thinner and more precise line width than the other methods. In short, cutting metal sheets using nibblers is a much more methodical process than the others.

  • At first, they would secure the sheet metal and place the nibbler against the edge line of the metal
  • Now the nibbler is put on and the cuts are made through the sheet
  • As the nibbler keeps on working through the sheet the process is continued till the other end of the sheet is reached, completing the cut as per the need

So you see, these are the various ways sheet metals are cut as per the requirement. It is the job of a seasoned specialist and that is the reason, the suppliers of sheet metals are so in-demand in the market for various domestic and industrial needs.



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