Mirror Photo booths: Is It a Passing Fad?


Ever since it kicked off in 2007, a lot of trends have come and gone in the photo booth industry. With mirror booths being its latest addition, it is no surprise why it grabbed the attention of so many general public. 

Having created such a huge demand of its own, many photobooth providers even created its niche market to take advantage of those lured interests. 

But, then the million-dollar question here, as it is in with every new crowd-pulling trend – “Is It a Passing Fad…?”  Here’s a post which will try to answer this!

The Barebones of Mirror Photo booths

Essentially, a mirror photo booth entails a quality camera hidden behind a full-length mirror with an external printer. Upscale ones include SELFIE mirror (again full-length) with touch sensor and impressive LED frames. This allows guests to take selfies via their reflection.

To further enhance their photo-sessions, these LED SELFIE mirrors incorporate interactive countdowns, high-end graphics, GIFs and even props which can be added to the actual shot. Other interactive elements include – voice guidance, movement and gesture detection, photo-signing, emoji-stamping, cool backdrops, borders, photo wraps and other custom-added features.

To put in short- These mirror photobooth hire arrangements in Melbourne allow you to be anything, anywhere. And that’s why they are so popular for every imaginable event taking place not only in Victoria but all across Australia.

What Do Users Feel About It?

Though it is difficult to exact the true numbers, but approximately 80% of its users who have tried other photo booths claim mirror booth arrangements are truly an incredible piece of technology.

Even first-time users share similar opinions like:-

As a cheap-priced yet highly interactive photo booth hire, it offers the power of amazing customisation, pic-autographing, even instant sharing over FB and IG accounts. And with every pic coming out in high-res and appearing crystal clear on all aspects, they are a must reserve for any event one can pull off.

They are an immediate fun starter and stands as perhaps the best mode of engaging maximum crowd in even the most boring of events.

The Verdict:

At this point, the mirror photobooth stands as simply fabulous for every special event-be it weddings, engagements, birthdays, corporate events and even get-together parties. And as service providers are offering them at budget-friendly rates, its popularity seems to be rising.

So, In Answer to The Question-Whether It Is a Fad or Not”, is difficult to say at this point. But if one were to answer, then mirror booths will likely continue enthralling people with highly-engaging photo sessions. 

Not that anyone is complaining, either!



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