Mistakes While Setting Up Your Home For Reverse Living


Reverse Living

People opt for planning your home in a reverse way, to bring in a change in their life and make things better for them……physically, mentally as well as aesthetically. However, while doing so, they at times end up committing inevitable mistakes, thereby defeating the very purpose of this new concept.

Here on this page, we discuss some frequent mistakes that people end up making. This generally happens as and when they hire less-than-competent companies to do the planning.

Putting up not enough windows or glass walls

One of the main reasons behind planning up the reverse way of living is getting an undaunted view of the exterior, so much so that the very view of nature creates a positive vibe on the psyche of the inhabitants, as they enjoy their meal together.

Generally, the planners would shift the dining space on the second floor, and set up a glass wall that gives an unrestricted view of nature.

However, the planners, at times, do everything but forget to set up a glass wall or enough windows on one side, rendering the total plan rather useless.

It is a huge mistake, to say the least, which defeats the very purpose of the concept of reverse living. In fact, this is the single most frustrating blunder that an incompetent company would commit.

Therefore, when it comes to picking up a company for the implementation new concept, one must put money on a quality company.

Not putting up the provision of cross ventilation

The mainstay of a reversely planned home is enough air and enough ventilation. However, unfortunately, the makers at times, forget this basic.

They either skip putting up enough windows or put them up at strategically wrong locations, which will either not let enough fresh air in. Or even if there is air, it does not circulate properly, thereby depriving a healthy exchange of the indoor and outdoor air.

Not keeping enough space for kid’s retreat

When it comes to planning a home that supports the reverse way of living, it is all about giving the kids a better life, and a better space to grow up. However, out of inexperience, the not that reputed companies would cramp up spaces while chalking out the new plan, thus depriving kid’s their expected retreat in this new concept of living.

Though there are other secondary mistakes committed by these companies, these are the most distinctive mistakes, which defeat the very purpose of this new concept of living.

That is the reason it is so essential to hire competent and enough-experienced companies when it comes to planning and construction homes for the reverse way of living.



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