Mistakes You Must Avoid While Hiring a Cheap Photo Booth in Melbourne


Photo booths are always fun and it makes the party or the event memorable. However, while hiring a photo booth you need to be careful not to make these mistakes. Some of them are quite common and the others are rare. In both cases, however, it can become troublesome for the guests and can damage your reputation as an event planner.

So, let us now delve into the mistakes and the ways in which they can be avoided.

  • Making a list of accessories

In a wedding booth hire in Melbourne,there will always be varied accessories or props to make the photos more attractive for the guests.So, when you are setting up the booth make sure you have included all the accessories. The most common accessories or props include fun frames hats, moustache, spectacles, etc.

  • Hiring an uninsured booth

It is essential to hire a photo booth that has the necessary insurance. In an event,the booth and the props or accessories may be damaged due to mishandling or rough use. But, if when the booth is insured you can avoid those extra costs that would have otherwise burned a hole in your pocket.

  • Matching with the theme

When you are going for a cheap photo booth in Melbourne you need to keep in mind that it matches the theme of your event. If the event is grand and classy, your photo booth will need to be elegant as well. 

If you set up a dull photo booth, it will not only look odd but will kill the mood as well. So, you will aim to choose a booth that suits the event as this will make the photo session as well as the event a memorable one.

  • Not bargaining

Hiring a photo booth is costly but you have to do a bit of bargaining to get a booth that provides value for money. To do this you need to find the provider of these booths and then talk to them. After you get the quotes you can compare them and find out the price that is nearer to your budget and then you can start bargaining to keep the cost as low as possible.

  • Not keeping the option for customization

When hiring, you must ask for a booth that can be customized according to the needs of the users. This will make the photo session fun for the guests and will increase your reputation. 

So, if you follow these points while setting up the wedding booth hire in Melbourne, you can be assured of the fact that the event will be a success.



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