Not-in-textbook Stuff That School Excursions Will Teach Your Ward


Schools are not enough – to be frank. They may help your ward come up as a book worm, with that customary ‘bookish’ image, but it may at times, leave him or her wanting in that spark of energy that would help in trudging forward in this highly competitive world – unscathed.



It’s not that I am telling your ward not to study. What I am suggesting is that being THAT good is not good enough! As you know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, it’s not about playing. There are certain out of the classroom sessions in schools that your son or daughter needs to attend – for some obvious gains.


Take, for instance, the school excursions. These are a welcome relief for the pupil in the sense that they give them the scope of being on their own, at a pretty early stage of their life and – believe me, this helps!!!


The Travel Experience – They Are Unique!


Are your wards out on a school excursion somewhere in Gold Coast? You can have my words it has opened a whole new horizon for them. The travel experience they have gone through, and all that remains in store for them before they are home, will make them a different soul altogether.


They will be able to connect their travel experience, and the learning that they go through will help in the future objectives of their respective lives and make a difference in their career aspirations.



Honestly, these hands-on, real-life learning and venturing into new places will expose your wards to ideas of taking up professions that they would not have even thought of, otherwise. These experiences will open up newer avenues where they can apply their interests as well as education.


Have you ever thought of you wards becoming a museum curator or a manager of a lab, or maybe an engineer working to take care of the roller coaster in an amusement park? Well, these are some of the of the bit professions, the foundation of which is established through these excursions.


Finally – Some Stats for You!


Worldwide research has revealed that 95 per cent of adults, who have travelled more than five times during their schools days have graduated from high schools.


Almost 63 per cent of these individuals have gone on to graduate from a college later on and again, nearly 86 per cent of them admits that going for excursions had made them curious intellectually, which helped them become a successful professional.


So let them go for school excursion in the Sunshine Coast! Let the world unfurl itself in front of your wards in all the new way! Let them prosper.



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