Organising a Garden Wedding? Here Are Some Ripper Photo Booth Ideas


There is simply no limit when it comes to setting up and decorating an open-air photo booth. Indeed, when you have an open space photo booth, you have so many improvisations to do. More so, if we discuss organising a garden wedding and stationing a photo booth out there, the sky’s the limit to support that wonderful moment with the help of the photo booth.

Using Polaroid Frames as Background

This is one of those abstract ideas of using a photo booth in a garden wedding. A polaroid frame loosely hung from a larger framework with the help of a pair of floral strings will give a strange yet poetic touch and go feeling to the ambience that will add that much-desired aristocracy, which will take the aesthetics of the event to an altogether new level. Indeed, the most eye-catching ideas apply to make the most of occasion all the more dramatic.

Rustic Pallets

This has been one of the most ‘happening’ trends at present, which creates an enormous rustic vibe, which is so perfect for the garden wedding. When paired with gorgeous floral bunches, this unique photo booth backdrop is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding photo booth in Sydney, meant for a garden wedding. One note of caution…native seasonal flowers will be a perfect match for this type of floral getup.

Vintage Campers

This is a unique and extremely innovative idea of a garden wedding photo booth, wherein the backdrop is made out of a vintage campervan with open doors and some old fashioned 70’s suitcases arranged one over another, with a floral bouquet at the top. While this depicts a tinge of vintage aura, it also adds a lot of scopes to read between the lines that say all about a trip to the wilderness by the just-wed couple.

Hey Bales!!

If you have an inclination towards a country style wedding, then opting for a hay bale backdrop is perhaps a good choice. Pair it with some innovative and exciting props and you will find yourself with an astounding garden wedding photo booth, which will make the occasion all the more lustrous, helping you to make the most of wedding photo booth hire plans in Sydney. And you do not have to think anything more.

Chalkboard Typography

If you have a soft corner for typography, this is a perfect backdrop that will tickle your intellect. You can even go further, and use innovative scripts and words, images, and other creative features to add more life and meaning to the backdrop.

So you see, when you arrange for a garden wedding, hire a booth in Sydney, you have a lot of options to choose from when you select the right kind of photo booth and backdrop.



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