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It was way back in 2001 when the Dutch players adopted a new training drill to prepare themselves for their big matches. That technique was accomplishing 10,000 kicks every day!

Since then, this practice drill has been adopted by many A-level teams and even international sides to ace their ground performance. These sessions mainly involved every player possessing a ball and assembling into 5-6 groups. After listening to the whistle, the entire field of players in unison started a series of ball touches.

A few of their rehearsal ball movements involved juggles, dribbles, toe-touches, drag backs, one-touch kicks, pirouettes and more in sets of 150-250 in repetition.

The best thing about these training drills was that there was nothing elaborate or complicated about it. Every movement was modelled with perfection and confidence. More importantly, this practice of achieving 10,000 kicks every day in their session helped players progress and take their game skills to new heights.

From then onwards, most coaches teaching young and aspiring soccer players to undergo this action-packed fitness drill.

The Boom Of Soccer Trainer On A String Among Young Players:-

For young players who cannot afford a coach or who don’t have anyone to take them to the field regularly- football on a string is their perfect training partner.

How They Work?

These football trainers come with a spring cord attached to it and a wrist band to attach on whichever side you feel comfortable kicking -(right side for right footed-players and vice-versa)

Once done; you can immediately start kicking the ball (be it medium hard, hard or super-hard). The cord will bring the ball back for you to kick again… and again till you accomplish 10,000 kicks (or close to it).

How It Helps?

This soccer training equipment brings plenty of benefits. The most obvious being; making you more confident about your game-skills and yourself.

Young players wanting to make a name for themselves can polish their dribbling, toe-touches, one-touch kicks, pirouettes, drag backs and other key movement skills needed during the match.

You needn’t worry about the ball getting lost or damaged. They are prepared using cushioned synthetic leather to be robust and long-lasting!

Training With It Also Helps Young Aspirin Football Players To:-

  • Dramatically improve their reaction time
  • Improve their hand-eye-foot coordination, especially when receiving a ball coming back at them with serious force.
  • It also allows players to perfect their game skills without going to the ground or appointing a coach to regulate their training drills.

Options & Availability?

As they are so popular; you will find a lot of stores selling off such soccer training aid in Australia to both young and even fairly accomplished players.

Some Of The Popular Choices In The Market Include-

  • Football trainer soccer ball size-5 for players 12-years and above.
  • Soccer trainer ball size 4 for players 9-11 years old.
  • Soccer trainer ball size 3 Deluxe Model for players 5-8 years old.

If you wish to not only achieve but perfect 10,000 kicks in every session, then it is best to consult with a reputed training ball store having quality options and pick your option.

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