Perfecting Your Penalty Shot With Soccer Training Equipment



There’s no substitute to hard work, determination and a never-say-die attitude. Even legendary names like Pele, Garrincha, Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Zico) have admitted separately, that the key to making the-rub-of-the-green go their way is to persevere and commit wholeheartedly to perfecting their game skills. Be it normal passing, dribbling or even shooting an un-saveable penalty kick- it all boils down to the perfecting the core skills of the game.

For a young and aspiring soccer player wanting to become (not only a penalty specialist) but to be an all-round team player, perfecting those skills on their own could prove to be an ordeal of sorts.

Not anymore…!

So rejoice aspiring soccer players/penalty specialists, the white-coated boffins have finally found a reliable kid’s football training equipment to help learn the art of a perfect penalty kick- Soccer training ball on a string!

Why Soccer Training Ball-On-A-String?

The best thing about such soccer training aid in Australia is it makes players more confident in their ball control. And with it, their self-esteem to perform under pressure in crucial match situations.

Henry. S. Collins- a soccer coach in Australia says:

“To maximise the velocity and accuracy of each penalty shot; you need to practice a lot and plan ahead of time. You should not try to outguess the goalkeeper using a staggered method.

Even with less than a second’s delay in committing to the penalty kick, the risks of making errors increases immensely.”

Henry Further explains:-

“As a player; you need to use the approach angle between 45o to 60o as their kicking technique for better contact. And this is achieved by enhancing how the pelvis rotates and how their thigh steers.

With that; you also need to aim for 28% of the post which is the un-saveable corner of the post.

But such precision in penalty shots cannot come about if you don’t have a quick response, proper foot-eye coordination and total control of the ball. With the help of a quality a soccer training equipment; you can enhance those footy skills and learn to execute higher aimed shots between the goalie’s reach and the post.

Most coaches, including Henry, favour such shots and believe it has a 90-95% success rate!

3 Quality Soccer Skills Trainer To Procure:

Considering how useful these soccer trainers prove to be; you should look to bring one home. And, if you plan to do is in the next few days, here are three quality options to check out.

  1. Soccer Size 3 practice soccer ball- Deluxe Model- price Au$34.85.
  2. Size-5 Football skills trainer soccer ball in Australia for 12-year-olds to adults. Price Au$37.36.
  3. Soccer Ball Size-4 training ball for 9-11-year old players. Price Au$43.95

Each of these soccer training balls is created with cushioned synthetic leather hand-stitched to be impressively robust and lasting. So, bring one of these home and start working on those footy skills and penalty shots.

In a short span of time, the difference in your skills will be felt.



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