Personal Fall Alarms- How to Select One Best Suited For Your Needs?


Here’s a question for you cobber- How to choose a fall alarm system that’s duck’s gut for your situation?

Truth be spoken- it is a tough question to answer. And the reason being, with technology having advanced so much; you would likely come across heaps of options to choose from.

From basic wearable devices, these fall systems now incorporate fall detectors/preventions, well-being monitoring, movement sensors, trackers for patient fitness, etc.

SO… the question again –‘How to ChooseA Dardy Fall Alarm?’The answers are in the below section.

What Your Fall Alarm Should Incorporate?

  1. Call for Help Button: For contacting a live person/caregiver as well as emergency services like the cops or the fire department.
  2. Medical Monitoring– This is to present medical reminders and real-time monitoring of all your senior’s health vitals.
  • Fall Prevention– With stats showing 1 out of 3 old patients suffering injuries due to falls; a fall detection and prevention button should be a must-have!
  1. Location Detection And TrackerYour uncle is still independent enough to move around, drive or run errands on his own. Bless his heartfor that!

Yet, in your personal fall alarm system in Perth having a location detection and tracker proves useful in case they run into a problem.

  1. Fitness Checker – It presents accurate readings of your senior member’s fitness, and informs you if there are any health challenges or not.
  2. Activity monitoring button –This helps track their activities and movements round the clock.
  • Home Security Monitoring – It is for alerting the caregivers about a fire, smoke or carbon monoxide dangers!
  • Check-in Services – This feature helps maintain the regular check-up either electronically or via a medical expert.

What Else To Check For?

Mate, along with these specs; you should also check if your personal alarm systems for seniors provide scope for:

  • Technological updates- either automatically or manually!
  • Family members to sync with the fall alarm system?
  • Moving around freely
  • Its battery performance
  • Water resistance feature
  • The device’s range, connectivity and mobility

Last piece of advice is to always procure your fall alarm system from a reliable supplier.It is your best chance to find a bees knees fall system for your senior members.

So crap the whip, mate and bring one of these fall alarm systems home for your elder member.



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