Planning Asbestos Removal From The Bathroom? Know How Renovation Helps


Asbestos is considered as a major hazard mostly found in bathrooms. Homes, those are built prior to 1990, and homeowners need to deal with them before undertaking any renovation work. Being a necessary part of bathroom renovation work, it may affect the budget greatly.

Did you know, if a tiny asbestos fibre is inhaled, it can cause incurable diseases? Hence, experts recommend not to remove asbestos on your own. Even if you think you know how to deal with asbestos carefully with safety precautions, a mistake in locating them may expose you to unwanted dangers. So, let’s start it from the point- where does the asbestos material can be — located.

Asbestos In the Bathroom:

Due to the water resistance properties of the asbestos, it can be found in a number of places in the bathroom-

  • Plasterboard areas
  • Lagging on hot water pipes set in the masonry wall.
  • Internal angle mouldings
  • Behind floor sheeting
  • Wall linings and roofing

How to Renovate a Bathroom Having Asbestos?

Depending on the scope of the project, some asbestos-containing material should be left undisturbed. In case, if you find that the asbestos-containing material has been damaged, bathroom renovations in Wynnum Manly suggest its complete removal to avoid further deterioration that can lead to exposure.

How Do the Professionals Work?

During the bathroom renovation project, professionals may ask for the asbestos report or may ask to see the wall sheeting to analyse the condition. If the asbestos is found, depending on the type of the sheeting, the cost of asbestos removal is decided.

There is no safe level of exposure for asbestos fibres. And, the effect of asbestos can be deadly for your family in the near future.

How Does the Asbestos Should Be Removed?

There are strict rules on removing and disposing of the asbestos. The workers have to wear the correct personal protective equipment or PPE that can prevent people from inhaling the asbestos fibres.

Experts for best bathroom renovations in Wynnum Manly keep in mind that the asbestos is not friable, the area shouldn’t exceed 10m2, and the removal shouldn’t be performed longer than 1 hour in a week.

The asbestos must be disposed of in a thick and double wrapped plastic bags that contain an approved waste disposal facility.

So, if you can’t meet any of the regulations as stated above, then it is recommended to hire a bathroom renovation company that can remove asbestos safely.



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