Planning House Extensions? Things You Must Know Before You Start


Some blokes would jump for house extensions before doing adequate homework. Yes, they do take the help of professionals, but all said and done, it is not particularly wise to leave everything for the professionals to decide. The owners, after all, know best what they need, and that is why extensive planning is a MUST.

Therefore, if you are planning to extend your house, you must keep in mind certain points regarding designs and the prevalent laws, as well as certain technicalities. Above everything, there should be as proper planning.

house extensions

If Possible, You Should Shift During Extension

It is a wrong concept to continue living in your home as the professionals carry out the extension works. Firstly, plenty of dust and mess will make your life a dog’s breakfast, and secondly, it will slow down the job.

This will invariably increase your cost at the end of house extensions of your Brisbane property, which may very well supersede the cost of shifting to a rented property temporarily.

Therefore, it will be wise if you look for interim accommodation while the extension is at progress. Depending upon the scale of expansion it may very well result in some savings.

Choose the House Extension and Renovation Company Wisely

You will find so many companies in Brisbane offering house extension and renovation services, with each of them claiming to be the best in the business. However, when it comes to selecting one of them, you ought to be wise and far-sighted.

See whether they cover all the aspects of Brisbane house renovations and extensions. Look for their reputation in the market, relevant experience, their cost of service and of course the quality of work.

Also, make sure the company is home to various professionals all associated with house renovations and extensions. This may include architects and architectural techies, specialised construction designers, and in-house teams of architects and designers. Go through the customer feedback before selecting one.

Do Not Skip Site Insurance Before Starting Extensions

Certain home insurance providers do not cover properties after they are either renovated or extended.

That is the reason it is essential that you to know whether your property will be covered even after it is renovated or extended. Make sure to seek insurance from a quality company before you start up with extensions and renovations.

Well, if these are the primary points that you need to consider, there are secondary points as well.

They include connecting the existing and the extended portions seamlessly, considering whether renovation is better than rebuilding the property altogether or the other way round, and knowing the building regulations prevailing in Queensland including Brisbane.



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