Planning to Paint the Garage? A Few Perpetration Tips to Go With


While checking out which car model you’re using, your neighbours take a look at your garage more often than what’s inside of your home. Every time you open the door of your garage, people get the glimpse inside. But, don’t you think that your garage should get a makeover to set the mood before the drive? Or, you should do something to make it appealing? However, a lot of people think that it is okay to leave garage walls unpainted, bare or flat white colour. Well, keeping all aside, you can paint garage walls as your imagination and inspiration needs it.

Even if the wall painting seems easy, there are a few things only professionals can take care of while tackling the paint job. And, here you go-

1. Clean the walls: If you don’t clean the garage walls on a regular basis, it remains dirty, and hence, professional painters Balgowlah clean it before applying the paint. As the dust and grease stains can bleed through the paint, it can cause the problem with adhesion. An expert avoids abrasive cleaning chemicals and pressure washing to the walls, as it can damage the soft surface.

2. Priming the walls: If it is new drywall, you should use the primer that works as surface conditioning. In case, the drywall is new and unpainted; professionals apply the polyvinyl acetate to prime the walls. PVA primers are great to seal the surface of new drywall that ensures durability and give a smooth finish.

If the paint is directly applied to the new drywall, it soaks the paint into the surface too fast, and result in a poor finish. When the paint is applied over the primer, it gives an even look.

3.Water stains: If your garage walls are already painted and the walls are problematic with stain bleeding through your paint, it needs your attention. A spray can of an oil-based primer seals the paintwork done by interior painting in Sydney while eliminating the tricky water stains.

4. Painting over oil-based paint: If walls are currently painted with the oil-based paint, it needs sanding for the surface and primed for secure bonding. More the bonding, better the finish you will get. Without proper preparation, it can lead to paint failure. Since the sanding dulls the surface, primer makes the paint stick to the wall.

Lastly, if your garage colour is dark, it takes several deep coats of priming over it. Thicker the coat, it allows the paint to cover thoroughly in one or two layers. Also, be cautious to differentiate between exterior and interior paint while choosing them.



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