Planning Wine Tour For Hens Night Out? Know The Things to Ace It


Good-o! Are you planning to have a luxury wine tour before tying the knot? Righto! there are couple of things to remember when it comes planning wine tour with friends and have fun seamlessly. Here are a few things mentioned in this content to keep in mind before you start planning for the wine tour.

  • Be clear about your preferences: Before you plan a wine tour, know that it’s an intimate setting that needs discussion and require you to be informative. Be prepared with your guest count. Let the invitees of the wine tour in Sydney know the date, time and theme for the party on-the-go.


  • Check your wine supply: If you don’t have a cellar filled with different types of wine for hosting a party on the wheel, then make sure you’re backed by enough bottle of wine. Ensure that you have at least one glass of each bottle of wine for each guest. Although, most commercial wine tastings give you only a taste of each wine, but as you’re going to arrange this on the wheel, heavy pours are expected. A typical wine bottle contains 25 fluid ounces of wine, which almost offers 6 glasses at 4 ounces each.


  • Don’t forget hors d oeuvres: Well, nobody likes to drink in an empty stomach. While hosting the tasting party, your touring vehicle should be available with a mixture of cheese, fruits, nuts and meats.


  • Say no to sip and spit: There are many people, who join wine tour on hens night out in Sydney and think spitting, which is totally not acceptable. People, who drink a lot of wine are likely to do this. So, you can do another thing arranging the facility of sip and dump. Just offer guests a container, where they can dump the wine, if not liked.


  • Include old and new wineries: Visiting old wineries make your experience more enjoyable and new wineries alongside let you dive into the history as well as new experience.

During the wine tour, you can have an engaging conversation and enjoy the music, dance floors and a lot of fun elements with your friends.



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