Points to Remember While Picking Up Tiles For Bathroom Renovations


Are you planning to renovate your bathroom and install an entirely new set of tiles to give it a new look and feel? Well, there is no harm in it, but the fact is that you need to take into consideration a few factors before picking up the right kind of tiles, which will help you make the most of the renovation.

Pick up the ones that you MUST HAVE

Generally, when we start bathroom renovation, we conceptualise the look and feel, which will match our aesthetic preference. Thus, to do that, you need to have a specific type(s) of tiles, which will support that look and feel.

So they are your MUST-HAVE tiles. Pick them first before anything else. The look and feel that you are dreaming of will revolve around them. In other words, you will be able to use them as starting points for the other tiles that will complete the new look and feel.

Choose in excess of 3 different types of tiles

Now that you have chosen the first and the principal variety, it is time for you to opt for the others. When it comes to picking up the other types of tiles, you must consider more than 3..at least, to lend variety and create a sense of contrast.

Then again, make sure that the shade and the pattern you opt for, are subtler than the accent tiles, which you have picked up at first. This will create that desired contrast that will create that effect.

Pick up a show stopper

You will find a number of mind-boggling tiles in the market when you plan renovation of the bathroom in Perth. Mind it your bathroom is the perfect place for showing off your personality in the way you want.

Hence, when you choose the show stopper, which will add that WOW factor to your bathroom. Besides, it will add a kind of timelessness to your bathroom, which will be the focal point of your bathroom.

Take into Consideration the Maintenance

If you are planning to purchase tiles, do not forget the maintenance factor. Opt for those that will be easier to maintain.

Or it will be wiser if you pick up the ones that need minimal maintenance. Do not opt for tiles made from natural stones. They will need more maintenance. It is better to use them in an area that receives less water or moisture. For the other places that receive more footfall or moisture, ceramic files are the best.

So your bathroom renovations in Perth will get to a new level altogether if you consider these simplistic, yet ripper of ideas while looking for the right kind of tiles.



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