“Possible Bulging Disc”- How A Chiropractor Can Help?


“Ever heard of bulging discs..?”

It is most commonly known as a contained disc disorder; the tough outer late of cartilage between the vertebrae hasn’t completely opened. These discs protrude into the spinal cord without breaking open or causing pain. Rather a small bubble comes out remaining attached to the disc.

Bulging is regarded as a part of the normal aging process of the disc, thus bulging discs are a regular spinal injury. In some cases they can be pain-free and undetected until twisting in the wrong direction, lifting the wrong-sized object, coughing or sneezing excessively. Excruciating pain begins to follow which can diminish a wide range of motions and can lead to organ dysfunctioning.

Sounds terrible… doesn’t it?

But don’t worry. The fortunate news is that such acute bulge discs can heal itself over sufficient time and with the care of a qualified chiropractor in Brisbane, they can help speed up the healing more effectively.

Common Symptoms Of Bulge Disc:-

  • Tingling in the legs.
  • Weakness in the muscle region.
  • Extreme numbness.
  • Changes in bowel function and bladder.
  • A feeling of pain when moving the neck.
  • And the radiating ache in the limbs.

Bulging Disc Treatments:-

A best-in-class chiropractor be it in Brisbane (or elsewhere) will inspect the whole spine, but only the whole area affected by the bulging disc. In this way; they determine if there are any existing joint dysfunctions or restriction along the spine or in the body- which is causing strain and stress on the disc.

They even use adjustment approaches which specifically focus on the joint restriction, dysfunction and relieving symptoms and getting the body to function as it should.

With That, They Also Suggest Doing These:-

  • They will suggest you reduce extreme bending, lifting, twisting or even sitting for too long.
  • They will advise sleeping on the backside with the knees propped upwards (or even on your side)with possibly a pillow between them. Reducing stress on the bulged discs can assist with pain management.
  • Recommendations of yoga and pilate’s routines are made to help strengthen both abdominal and leg muscles to supportstability of joints and muscles in and around the spine.

These chiropractic care for bulging discs are effective and safe. And so if you are suffering from a bad backache (possibly believing it to be a bulged disc), then it would be a good idea to find a qualified chiro practitioner in Brisbane and schedule an appointment soon!



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