Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection – Reading Between the Lines


As and when you plan to purchase a home in West Australia, you are needed to put the property under an inspection for timber pest infestation or a pre purchase termite inspection along with other things.

You need to have these inspections completed before you put down your signature on those dotted lines. This guarantees that your investment is not under the threat of collapsing around your feet.  Hence, you need to act smart and hire a company, which is reputed for carrying out pre purchase building inspections in Perth, which include timber pest inspection.

The “Who- What-When-Where” Factor

You need to pick up a name from the pool of the best and the most reputed companies that carry out cost-effective pre purchase home inspections in Perth.  These companies are home to some of the most seasoned and qualified professionals.

You need to pick up from the names that have been into this business since years and work in close coordination with the property owners, tenants as well as agents to come up with seamless and perfect results.

Living up to the Australian standards

When it comes to selecting the name from that carries out pre purchase timber inspection of home in Perth, make sure the inspector is easily accessible at the hour of your needs. The idea is a guarantee that the professional is available in case of any eventuality after the inspection is done with.

Also, make sure that the property inspection in Perth thus carried out by the service provider fulfils the Australian Standard AS 4349.3-2010. It goes without saying, that you need to make sure that any inspection that you look for, is carried out by an authorised and seasoned technician, who is well versed with the set Australian standard.

Mind the equipment used

Then again, if you are hiring a company for proper inspection, do not forget to keep an eye on the tools that their employees use. Make sure that they use the latest termite detection tools and equipment, and the latest technology that is available in the market.  Not every company will have that. Therefore, you need to be cautious when picking one up. Ask suitable questions to see if you are banking on the right name.

Look into the procedure

Make sure after the company is done with building inspections in Perth, they deliver a holistic report that includes the following:

  • A detailed report of the entire work, mentioning the presence of an active and inactive infestation of termites
  • Photographs that work as evidence
  • Details reports of fungal decay or water damage, if any
  • A detailed account of environmental factors, if any, including ventilation and drainage issues
  • An account of issues that may pave the way to future termite attack

Hence you see, when it comes to picking up any company that offers building inspections in Perth, you need to consider all these factors to make sure your investment pays off.



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