Process & Cost – Top 2 Pointers of Utility Locating You Must Know


Whether you are going for a new construction or renovation process, the first thing you must do is to prepare the construction bed. And, for that, excavation is the only answer. Whether you go for manual excavation process or get it done through hydro excavation, locating the underground utilities is something mandatory.

Let’s focus on a few aspects of utility locating that you may not be aware of.

utility locating

What Involves Utility Locating?

There are 2 steps to utility locating professionals follow –

Step 1: Mapping the Utilities – At the first step, the professionals carry out utility mapping. At this stage, their sole focus remains at the identification of pipes, cables and other underground utilities. They draw an accurate map marking these areas. The most common technique used for this purpose is to use the utility locating radar.

Step 2: Deciding on the Excavation Method – After the mapping is done and the utility points are being located, the next step is to decide the excavation type. The specialised team for underground service locating in Nowra will give you their perspective and suggestions on this issue. If the cables or pipes are too much complicated, you need to go for a non-destructive excavation method.

In the 3rd step, the excavation professionals get started with their work. If the vacuum excavation is getting done in the presence of utilities, or it is a narrow space, or there are some special local regulations for your excavation site – the experts help to overcome the situation.

Is it Costly?

There are too many confusions regarding the cost of utility locating. But, in Australia, you can have a lot of facilities. Firstly, you can lodge a FREE enquiry in Dial Before You Dig. FYI, it is a FREE national referral service that is designed to prevent the damage in Australia’s infrastructure network. The report will make you understand what types of utility cables are there in your location.

Now, for the average cost of utility locating charged by the specialists is $140 to $200 for one hour. The time required for total excavation depends on the area of excavation. If it’s just about a new fence installation, the total time for utility locating in Nowra will not be more than 2 hours. But, for big projects, it may take much more time. You need to calculate the cost accordingly.

Final Words

So, here are the top 2 pointers for utility locating that you must know. There is no way that you can skip this process before excavation. When the safety of your employees and the local neighbourhood are at stake, you must call for professional help.

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