Questions a First Timer Should Ask Before Hiring A Local Taxi Service


Are you are visiting Melbourne for the first time? Well, the best way to avoid the traveling blues is by hiring the 1300Cabs service providers. Well, you will find a lot of these service providers, but picking the best of them is what matters the most. That will help you to justify your investment in the best way, and help you shrug off the transport hassles during your stay.

Now the point is, how to make sure, you are picking up the right provider of 1300 Cabs Service in Melbourne? In other words, how can you pick up the right one from the crowd of companies with each claiming to be the best? You need to ask them a few questions. The answers you get to those questions will help you ascertain.

Are you licenced and are your drivers accredited?

This should ideally be the first question that you need to ask. You need to ask them whether the service provider is authorised to carry out the service. Ask them whether they have the legal permission and the necessary legal documents to provide the service. Also, you have every reason to know whether their drivers are accredited.

What is its reputation as a service provider and what are their value additions?

This is surely another MUST ASK question. Ask them about the number of years they have been serving and the reputation they enjoy in the market. How experienced and competent are their chauffeurs? Ask how professional, compassionate, cordial, and flexible they are in serving their passengers. Ask whether they are available 24×7. Do not forget to ask value additions of their service like discounts and getting out of their service norms to serve case of sudden emergencies.

Are the cabs safe and well maintained?

This is the most important question that you need to raise. Ask about the conditions of their cabs. Ask about the makes and models of cars they have in their fleet and know about their conditions. Ask whether they are well maintained so much so that they are safe.

Ask whether their service is reasonable?

You must ask them about their price. Various local taxi services in Melbourne have various price tags. Thus, you need to have a clear idea about their price and ask what packages they have got under different conditions like hiring at the dead of night or booking at the last moment or emergency services.

How trustworthy they are?

Last but not the least, you must ask how trustworthy they are. In other words, try to gauge from the testimonials to what extent you can rely on them in your hour of need. Ask them whether they are ready to share the information about their previous clients so that you can have first-hand information about the company’s trustworthiness from them.



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