Questions to Ask Before Hiring Painters – an Expert’s Note


Are you going to hire painters sometime soon? Are you ready with the questions you need to ask the residential contractors before you decide whether they are suitable for delivering your requirement? If you are confused about what to ask a painting contractor, here are questions we have enlisted so that the process of hiring turns out convenient and hassle-free for you:

Do you have insurance? Can provide a proof for insurance? 

Always, a well organised and reputed company will hold an insurance cover which will essentially cover up costs for worker’s compensation as well as general liability. If the contractor claims that they are insured, ask them to provide you with necessary proof. The insurance policy is designed so that in case if the homeowner faces any kind of damage owing to the work rendered by the professionals, the insurance company is liable to pay for the loss.

Does your company hire painters as employees or are they individual contractors?

Ask this question before you proceed towards hiring painters in Moonee Ponds. A well organised painting company will work under a set of norms. Not only should they be punctual in delivering a job but at the same time should have a proper team of experts hired for delivering projects of different scales. Furthermore the company should ensure that employees working under the organisation are covered by an employee’s insurance cover; as for contractors, they will need to have an individual cover.

Do you specifically serve for old or new homes? 

A good painting company will ensure that each painting employee undergoes a thorough training in which they will be coached to handle critical scenarios. Say for example a home which is more than 30 years of age is likely to have several layers of Lead paint, windows made from aluminium panels, deeper soffits, window putty and many other details which require expert intervention. Such older homes will require methodical treatments through slower processes. Meanwhile the approach for newer constructions is starkly different from conventional constructions.

Do you follow any clear standard for painting? 

This is yet another critical question to ask a painters company in Glen Iris. Generally a painter’s company will operate based on some clearly established standards or rules. The key objectives they should emphasise on are as follows:

1. Production rates
2. Usage of appropriate materials
3. Standard application techniques
4. Do you need to be paid an advance?

Here is something you should remain aware of before hiring a painting company. If the painting contractor asks for a huge upfront payment it’s likely that they are an under-resourced company with very less capital. In order to be reasonable, you can make a partial payment only after they have embarked on the job. Later on you can hand them over the rest of the upfront amount based on how much they have progressed and their quality of deliverance. A good painting company takes pride in offering committed labour and will ensure that the work is accomplished in best interest of the client.

Also ask questions like if your property will be protected during the entire painting project. Additionally, make sure the source for paint supplies are genuine. Only products from the best manufacturers should be considered for a long lasting result.



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