Questions to Ask Before You Set Off on a Wine Tour in a Party Bus


A lot of people love to taste wine. Most of you may have even imagined visiting an orchard with friends and family. How about turning such expectations into a reality? 

Did you know there are tour or party conductors who solely take you down the famous wine orchards allowing you to see for yourself the glory of exploring and discovering the secrets of wine making? Well that you have known about the complete story, it’s more likely that you will want to find a party tour operator to go ahead on a trip exploring wineries. However a question will almost hit you the next moment- “How will I know the party tour operator is suitable for my choice?”

In order to get in touch with a company offering party tours, consider exploring the questions as mentioned below: 

Will they allow me to bring on alcohol for the bus party during the wine tasting tour? 

First and foremost get an answer to this right away. Some tour operators will have restrictions to allow clients enjoy alcohol while on the way to the destination. Meanwhile there are several tour operators who will keep your request and allow you to consume alcoholic beverages inclusive of wine, champagne or beer. Hard liquor might be a strict “no” for you. 

Will you provide a bathroom? 

A majority of tour conductors offering wine tours in Perth will have buses with restrooms so that you feel comfortable during the journey. However this facility may only be restricted to bigger sized buses. Smaller vehicles such as limos may not have a special feature like a restroom. 

Will you allow us to enjoy food during the journey? 

As for the tourists, it’s quite common to feel hungry while on the go. Most tour operators will allow tourists to enjoy light snacks inside the vehicle during their way to the winery. However, heavy meals may be prohibited in most cases. 

How many passengers are allowed during the wine tour? 

If you are thinking of bringing your family along, ask the tour conductor straight away about the number of people who can join you on the tour. When hiring a party bus hire it is usual for a client to know about the exact number of passengers who can fit into the bus. The numbers can go up to 50 or more and it all depends upon the size of the vehicle opted for the tour. 

Do you allow special discounts or coupons? 

In most cases for wine tasting tours the operator is likely to allow discounts or special coupons especially when the sightseeing is conducted on weekdays. 

These are some viable questions to ask the tour operator during a wine tasting tour.



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