Questions You Need To Raise If While Applying For Partner Visa


Obtaining any visa in Australia is an intricate affair, and you need to be very cautious when doing so. You need to make sure that you do not miss on vital issues, and for that, you need to ask a few pertinent questions. This will help you get a fair amount of idea of how you should approach to obtain the partner visa for Australia.

Am I qualified to apply for a partner visa in Brisbane or any other part of Australia?

This will tell you whether you are qualified to get the partner visa in Brisbane or not. To qualify for the visa, you must be wed to an Aussie citizen or be in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen o holder of PR. Same-gender or interdependent partners also qualify for the visa.

Should I apply for an onshore or offshore visa?

Well, there are specific parameters and conditions attached to the current visa applicants vying to go to Australia, which will prevent them from obtaining the visa. Hence, you need to check out whether you can obtain the visa or not.

How long it takes to process the Partner Visa in Australia?

The processing time for the provisional partner visa in Australia is 19 to 24 months from the date of eligibility for subclass 801. For subclass 820, the processing time is 20 to 26 months. For subclass 309, the average time taken is 14 to 17 months.

What happens when the sponsor has sponsored anyone to Australia earlier?

This is one good point that you need to ask. The sponsor will not be able to sponsor you if he/she has sponsored another person within the last 5 years or have sponsored two individuals to migrate to Australia. However, there are other conditions that will come into play. You will be detailed about the same by the experts you talk to once you plan to have a visa.

What essentially is Schedule 3?

Schedule 3 Criteria is the additional requirements, which are applicable to the unlawful non-citizens and some bridging holders of visa, who wish to lodge the visa application.

Can dependents be included in my visa applications from my earlier marriage if I have two or more marriages?

Yes, if the dependents qualify to obtain the secondary visa applications, they can be included.

Hence you see, you need to come up with these questions when you prepare to obtain a partner’s visa in Australia. There are other questions to ask as well, but then…it’s always a never-ending story.



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