Quick Guide to Strip Down Tough Wallpapers Without Damaging Your Walls



Are your rooms looking dull and gloomy with torn wallpapers? Want to spruce up your interiors with trendy designer wallpapers in Perth? Well, for that you need to strip down your the existing wallpapers carefully so that your walls don’t get damaged. Removing wallpapers is not a child’s play, especially if it is done from plastered walls or drywall.

If you are all set to transform your walls and give a whole new makeover to your rooms, stay glued till the end of this post.

  • Determine the Type of Existing Wallpapers and Wall Condition

Before you take the plunge to peel off your tough wallpapers, you need to identify whether the walls are plastered or drywall. Drywall can get damaged quickly if it becomes too wet. Therefore, it’s essential to determine your wallpaper type for safe removal. To ease out the process, you can use a knife and try to loosen the edge of the existing wallpaper. If it peels off easily, then you have strippable wallpapers. But the problem becomes acute when you try to peel it off and your wallpaper in Perth comes out, leaving behind a sticky paper backing. To deal with sticky wallpapers, you need to use water and a specialised chemical stripper.

  • Removing Strippable Wallpapers

Modern wallpapers are mostly strippable which means they can be removed easily, unlike traditional sticky wallpapers. All you need to remove strippable wallpapers are a putty knife, water, soap and rags.

To start with the process, you simply need to place your putty knife at one edge of the wallpaper and try to lift a corner from the walls. While peeling it off, ensure you do it gently to avoid tearing the paper. If the wallpapers get loosed easily, try to apply the same trick to the rest of the walls.

Once you are done removing the strippable wallpapers from the entire room, you need to clean the walls with a soapy solution to wipe away any remains of stain, dirt or mould. Let the walls dry completely before you proceed with the next wallpaper installation in Perth.

  • Peel Off Traditional Wallpapers Carefully

While it’s as easy to peel off strippable wallpapers, removing traditional wallpapers tests your patience and expertise. To remove traditional wallpapers without any paper backing, you need to blend hot water with wall stripper according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can pour the solution in a spray bottle and apply the wallpaper removal solution in a smaller section of the walls. Once the solution absorbs well, you can use your putty knife to scrape off the sticky wallpapers.

If it becomes too difficult to scrape it even after applying the solution, you might require scoring the wall. For that, you can use a scoring tool and roll it over the paper by creating overlapping circles. Once you are done with the process, you can wipe your walls with a soapy solution to remove any stubborn residue.

So are you ready to ditch your existing wallpapers? Before you proceed with installing designer wallpapers, do give this post a thorough read. If you want any further help, the wallpaper experts are always there to assist you.



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