Quick Summer Special Tips for Maintaining Your Eyebrows


Have you already started planning for your beach holidays in the upcoming summer in Australia? Well, you must have started it already. After all, it’s the best time for you to make plans, go out with friends, have a sunbath at your favourite beachside and of course, look stunning.

Now, let’s come to the ‘look stunning’ part here. Did you know that not only for your skin, but you should actually take a few steps to keep your eyebrows in shape too? Well, the methods are not that complicated. Take a look at the following to know more about it.

Protect Your Brows from Sun – Some Tips

  • Thread At Least 3 Days Back

To look perfect, a lot of women get their eyebrow threading appointment just before their beach party. That’s a bad idea indeed. You should book your appointment for eyebrow threading in Marion at least 3 days back of your beach outing. Otherwise, the open hair pores may cause inflammation, itching and redness that will eventually become unbearable.

  • Use an SPF-30 Brow Cream

The next step to take care of your eyebrows from the scorching summer sun is to use a layer of brow cream with SPF-30. Even if you take sunbath for hours after you put on the cream on your brows, it will not be a problem anymore.

  • Use Ice to Prevent Sunburn

In the lust of enjoying the sun to the fullest, women often stay out in the beach for long and are left with sunburn. Well, if you have gone through brows threading two or three days back, the sunburn can cause a similar amount of pain and irritation on your eyebrows as well.

Are you planning to carry a portable freezer box along with you to the beach with the beer cans inside? Then, take out some ice cubes from the box, place those on a clean towel and dab your brows with it. This step will work as an instant healer for the itchiness of your eyebrows.

You can also use cider, white vinegar, lavender oil, even a black tea bag for preventing the sunburn areas around your brows based on their availability.

  • Hydrate Brows After Swimming

If you have got the services of lash lift and tint in Canberra lately, the saltwater may fade the colour. Even, chlorine or saltwater is responsible for dehydrating your brows too. As a part of your skincare post swimming, you ought to clean your brows with fresh water and apply balm or moisturiser for hydrating those.

So, have you got enough idea about what you have to do while going to the beachside after eyebrow shaping? Apply some glam and glitz products on the brows to shine like a star in your summer beach party!



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