Read the Facts before You Remove the Load Bearing Wall


Some major home renovation projects today involve tearing down the walls in a home. Well, before you opt for load bearing wall removal in Fremantle, find whether the wall is load bearing or not. A load bearing wall holds or transfers a load from one floor to another.

Well, if you are living in a small room, it would be nice to open up space by combining the two small rooms. But, what if the wall you wanted to remove is the load bearing one? Would it be safe or worthy enough to remove the wall from the structure?

Fortunately, the structural wall can be removed to arrange the space you want for your home. Consulting a local home renovation contractors like ABC wall removers ( make sure the wall removal is done properly according to the building code. Before all, it is important to tell whether a wall is load bearing or not. Find the details below to identify the load bearing wall-

  • Look for the original building plan: If you get the original plans for the structure, you or the renovation contractors would find it easy to determine if a wall is load bearing or not. The house plan would say where the support beam lies and where the original exterior wall located.
  • Understand the structure: As the load bearing wall transfer weight from one level to another level, the load bearing walls directly stand over one another on each floor. For example, exterior walls are always load-bearing ones.
  • Look at the foundation: In a house, you may find the multi-wood beams are carrying the weight of the house. So, walls directly over those beams/walls are probably the structural or load-bearing one.
  • Find the floor joints: Floor joint is either the basement meeting the first floor or the upper floor meeting the first floor, note the direction if you find it. Whether you know or not, a load baring wall is perpendicular to floor joints and appears holding up an intersection of joints at certain points.

Well, at times, not all load bearing walls are perpendicular or even there would not be any intersection of joints. Hence, it is important to look at the overall structure of the house to determine the load-bearing walls in your house.

Well, before removing the load bearing wall, there are few certain things you should keep in mind, such as fixing the ceiling and floor, disposing of the debris. So, whether or not you choose wall removing contractors, few facts you should know-

  • Find if the contractors are insured or not
  • What you remove, must be replaced in some other way.
  • Vertical posts under the supporting beam are good options for open plan look and give more support to the house structure.

In case of removal of major structural elements like load bearing wall, the rest of the house stay more or less intact, and the reason behind it is the redundancy. Due to the redundancy, the house structure remains intact even after the exterior walls ripped off in a natural disaster.



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