Reasons Why Partner VISA Applications Are Refused?


Everyone knows that it is a devastating feeling when you receive a refused VISA from your chosen immigration office.

‘But ever wondered why the application was refused in the first place?’

Before going into the common reasons why your partner VISA gets refused, here’s a couple of things to remember.

This Is Depending On Where You Lodged The Application:-

  • If you’re offshore applying for a partner VISA, and it gets denied, then you don’t have the right to review it.
  • But if you’re onshore applying for a partner VISA, and for some reason it gets refused, then you can file a plea for reviewing the document again. 

Now, Moving Over To Those Chief Causes:-

  • “Insufficient Evidence For A Partner VISA.”

The first common reason for your partner VISA refusal is presenting insufficient evidence. This gives your agent a feeling that your relationship is not genuine, and you have ulterior intentions/ duplicitous motives concerning your stay. Some may even regard you as a national threat.

To avoid such brooding complications; be sure to present your immigration agent:-

  • All the details about your social aspects.
  • The nature and duration of your commitment with your partner.
  • Your financial conditions and nature of business/service.
  • And the nature of your household.

Also, be sure that whatever details you share with your immigration agent is consistent with your social media profiles, history of your relationship, date of births (for both), etc.

Only when everything matches or appears consistent with your presented information, will your chances increase of receiving a sanctioned partner VISA be it in Brisbane or anywhere.

  • “Bogus Documentation Or Presenting Fraudulent Information.”

Presenting fraudulent documents or bogus information may qualify you for PIC (Public Interest Criteria) 4020.

Many present fake marriage certificates from their previous relationship as evidence- hoping that the immigration agent may skip inspecting it comprehensively. This is where they are wrong.

Truth be told, every iota of information you present to your chosen migration agent for partner visa Sydney will go through a proper integrity check. And if anything inconclusive or fake comes to their attention; you can expect a denied partner VISA application.

  • “Inability To Meet All Health Requirements.”

Meeting all health requirements for the partner visa application even for temporary access to the country is crucial. Some of those medical examinations include x-rays and other tests depending on:-

  • Your planned activities in Australia,
  • Your intended period of stay in the country.
  • And your previous residing country.

If you refuse to go through a proper health examination, then your partner VISA application will be denied.

  • “Failure To Pass The Character Requirements.”

Another prominent cause why your partner Visa in Sydney is denied is if you fail to pass the character requirements for your applied VISA.

Here Are Conditions Which May Affect Your Chances Of Succeeding.

  • If you have a criminal record.
  • If you have been associated with groups, who may be involved in illegal activities.
  • If your previous conduct or behaviour appears to be a concern to the immigration agent while you are in Australia- like signs of molesting, harassing, intimidating, vilify some parts of the Australian community or represent any other form of danger. 

Your Relationship Deserves The Best….!

Keeping this and your future plans with your spouse/partner in mind, keep these common blunders in mind. It will allow you to keep those mistakes in check and ensure your application sees a hassle-free acceptance.



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