Refrain from These Practices when you Avail a Taxi Service


Well you booked a cab with proper care and precaution, weighing all options and costing. Everything went smoothly, but it was either you or your child who acted in an ill – mannered way that made the driver annoyed. Do not forget that since you are liable to give ratings to the cab driver, likewise the cab driver also rates its riders. So if you behave inappropriately then there are high chances of you having trouble finding a cab the next time your need arises!

While booking Taxi Service from Keysborough and other related places, keep in mind to maintain hygiene and decorum and refrain from the following practices that annoy the driver:

  • Just keep in mind that the cab driver is a human being and not someone who can be maltreated or treated like a slave. Quite often riders tend to disrespect and act rudely with the drivers assuming them to be their servant, keep in mind you have hired the car and the driver on a fixed pay and make sure to treat yourself with dignity. As said, actions speak louder than words do, likewise a little rudeness might be really damaging for both of you. Also, if the driver made a little mistake, which is quite common, do not threaten him by saying that you will give him bad ratings, have a big heart and treat them with kindness! Do not bark your orders at them, they too deserve respect.
  • Quite a few times, your driver has another scheduled ride right after yours. He might ask you to drop somewhere near the main road, from where your destination is walkable, only in view to reach the next rider on time! In such instance you must abide by their request and walk few steps and make it easy for him to take the main road and travel faster. Do not pester upon them leave you off at the exact stoppage!
  • You ask the driver to break traffic signals and laws only to reach your destination before time only because you were running late! This is a malpractice and you must not threaten them to give bad ratings if they disobey you.

As often said, you clap with both hands as it is not possible to clap singlehandedly, likewise it is not necessary that the driver was ill – mannered, it could be the rider too! If you are looking for Taxi near Keysborough, make to maintain decorum and act in a civilized manner when you hop into the cab. It is advisable to be cooperative in order for a smooth and hassle free journey.



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