Remedial Deep Tissue Massage for Releasing Chronic Muscle Tension


The objective of Deep tissue massage is to relax the tension of the structures of the deeper fascia and muscles tissues, referred to as connective tissues. This particular type of massage goes a long way in relieving chronic muscle pains, which are caused by prolonged strain and stress.

How do things work in this massage?

Deep tissue massage involves specific movement and techniques, which are quite similar to those in traditional Swedish massage. However, here the pressures exerted are a bit more intense, and the process is more comprehensive.

The Pressure Technique

In deep tissue massage, intense pressure is exerted against the adhesions of the muscles and the connective tissues. However, the therapists will put more emphasis on the specific areas for a longer period during deep tissue massage in Perth. However, that does not mean that the pressure exerted will go beyond your endurance level.

The therapist will exert only that extent of pressure that you will be able to withstand. That is the reason you need to establish a communicative relation with the therapist so that there is no chance of the professional going overboard when it comes to exerting pressure. Then again, if the required extent of pressure is not exerted, it becomes quite difficult for the professional to achieve the desired results.

They use various techniques, movements and use their palm and even their elbows to exert the required amount of pressure that help yield the best results.

The After Effects

To ensure that the effects of the deep tissue remedial massage in Perth are far-fetched, you need a considerable amount of water intake. High consumption of water will help you flush out the lactic acid out of your tissues. Otherwise, the acid will make sure you get up from your bed the next morning with muscle sores and a body full of pain.

Even if you have drunk a lot of water, you may still have soreness in your muscles. However, this means that an excessive amount of waste products have flushed out of your tissues.

Do you need multiple trips?

Yes, you do! You need to pay multiple visits to your therapist for massage therapy to ensure that it has a long-lasting effect on your muscles and tissues. Muscle tension takes place due to the anxiety factor. Hence, one or two visits will not be enough to get rid of the effect of the constant stress and strain on your muscles. You need to pay multiple visits if you are to get rid of muscle stiffness once and for all.



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