Residential Window Cleaning- Clean Windows Like a Pro


With basic pro cleaning tips you will be able to actively clean your windows and make them sparkling and gleaming. This blog enlists few pro tips that will be highly useful at the time of residential window cleaning:

  • Pro Tip 1:

Temperature and weather conditions must be given top priority when it comes to the cleaning of windows. If the weather is cloudy and it is likely to rain then there is no point in cleaning the windows on that day. You must look up to spring and sunny days. This job cannot be performed in presence of the blazing sun as then the windows will dry even before you mop them and retain all the water stains! 

  • Pro Tip 2:

First you need to get rid of the dirt and dust that settle on them. So before you get started make sure to wipe them clean. You can do so with the help of a clean brush or by a vacuum cleaner using the machine’s dusting attachment. By doing so you will prevent the dust from turning into a messy clutter! But if the window glass seems to be too grimy then it is advisable to remove it from the frame and give it a nice wash with hot water and a cleaning agent.

  • Pro Tip 3:

In order to achieve sparkling clean windows you must choose the right cleaner. The spray will do no good if the windows are too dirty! In such cases you will have to use an effective cleaning agent. A lot of good quality glass cleaners are easily available in the market that do all they can to get rid of those grime and grease. You can also make you own cleaning solution by using apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water. If this seems like a mundane task then you can easily hire services doing residential window cleaning in Sydney!

  • Pro Tip 4:

A common mistake that people make is that they use harsh cloth that lead to the development of scratch marks on the windows. You must always make use of microfiber cloth. As these cloth are washable, super absorbent and gently clean the glass only to leave them shiny and streak free!

If you feel too tired to use any of the above tips then the professional cleaners are always at your service. You will find several reliable painters who are both experienced as well as budget friendly.



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