Revealing Stories & True Meanings Behind These Popular X-Mas Flowers!


With just over a week to go for X-mas, the festive spirit has already started filling the hearts of everyone around. Whether its rocking and singing around your neighbourhood X-mas tree, kissing your beloved under the mistletoe or filling your living space with red-green-white blooms- celebrations have already started.

Flowers are always known to brighten any given occasion. And when it comes to everyone’s favourite time of the year, there are a few blooms which hold significant meanings and stories behind them.

This post illuminates those special stories and the true meaning behind those blooms. So, let’s begin!


It is a common plant hung in doorways during X-mas time and comes with age-old Norse mythology of people kissing.

As per the legend:- When Balder- (the god of light and purity in Norse mythology, also praised for his beauty and grace by the other gods) was killed by some arrow created from a mistletoe, his mother was heart-broken. Due to the loss of her child, she shed tears on the arrow which turned it into white berries. Those berries healed Balder’s wound and brought him back to life.

Being elated, his mother blessed the mistletoe with a spell and made a vow that whoever stands beneath it has to kiss- as an expression of joy!

Red Roses & White Lillies:-

Traditionally Red Roses mean ‘Love.’ But it represents the Blood Of Christ- aka Purity! During X-mas, it is often paired with pine cones and ribbons to add a subtle X-mas decorative touch. You can pair it with Light Blue Hydrangea and other white-coloured flowers to accomplish X-mas-inspired decorations.

The common belief regarding Lillies is that they are symbolic of the Virgin Mary. Aesthetically speaking, they also lend a timeless look to your X-mas decor. They also exude the earthly pine and evergreen fragrances to your decorated space.


With one glance, you will understand why Poinsettia — bright coloured bracts, brim the X-mas spirits so adequately. But the plant consists of a much deeper connection with this festival.

As per a Mexican legend- this Poinsettia came into existence when a poor girl was heading to a church on X-mas eve and on her way picked some weed from the roadside. The girl did not have any worldly possession to offer the Lord, despite her intention to gift Jesus on his birthday.

While she walked in the chapel and headed to the alter, an X-Mas miracle happened. The weeds she collected from the roadside transformed into red blooms, and from that day onwards, this Poinsettia came to be referred as Flores de Noche Buena or Flowers Of The Holy Night– courtesy of the Lord’s grace and benevolence!


This is another special plant that is commonly used in making X-mas wreaths and other X-mas garlands. But the holly plant also holds a deep symbolism. As per the common belief- prickly Holly plant embodies Jesus Christ’s suffering.

The red-bright berries, also commonly used for X-mas decors or creating wreaths symbolically denote Christ’s drops of blood resulting from his grave and self-less sacrifice.

Last Words:

So, there you have it. Commonly used flowers with deeper X-mas meaning. Fortunately for you, these blooms are readily available in notable Melbourne florist delivery shops- at surprisingly low rates.

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