Reverse Parking and Safety Issue – an Overview



Before we explain why reverse parking is a safe option, let us deal with some myths or misconceptions regarding reverse parking.

Myth#1: It Disrupts traffic

One school of thought says that reverse parking disrupts the flow of traffic, and backing out of any parking space invariably disturbed the traffic flow and is not safe as well.

Myth#2: Reverse Parking is a dangerous practice

It is a dangerous practice, more so when a considerable number of people throng the parking area. People are of the notion that reverse driving increases the probability of people being knocked down by the car.

But the reality is, when the driver is reverse parking a vehicle, the individual is driving the vehicle into a familiar space, with no pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Also, the driver is able to check the surroundings more distinctively.

Also, experts are of the opinion that reverse parking is the safest way to part a vehicle.

Reverse Parking and Driving Safety

Now let come to the issue of driving safety and reverse driving. Safe driving does not end in the parking lot. Rather, once the vehicle gets into the parking lot, the bloke at the wheel has to be even more vigilant about the surrounding before every move.

This is where reverse parking makes a difference, and that is why driving lessons in Hawthorn or anywhere else provided by driving schools put more emphasis on the concept of reverse parking.

Parking mishaps are a significant cause of car damage

Research has clearly shown that a significant amount of car damage happens due to parking mishaps. This is where reverse parking makes a difference.

Safety Tips for Reverse Parking

Every reputed driving school in Hawthorn as in any other place would put particular emphasis on reverse parking. When doing so, the instructors would pass on the following tips to their trainees.

  • Stay alert and calm and then scrutinise the entire area. Mirrors and the rear-view cameras will come in handy in this
  • Drive as slow as possible, looking for pedestrians and other obstacles.
  • Obey the speed limit and signs posted
  • Continue putting the seat belt on as the drive is not yet over
  • When parking, maintain a safe distance between other vehicles
  • Finally, reverse park into the vacant parking space

Therefore, these tips would help you safely park your vehicle. Also, enrolling into a reputed and seasoned driving school is crucial as they will provide adequate lessons regarding this minute yet extremely critical issues like reverse parking and many more.



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