Role of Driving Instructor in NSW in Older Driver Assessment


The law of the NSW has given the equal right to its senior citizen when it comes to driving. However, it is done only after a proper scrutinising and assessment. An older driver assessment is the evaluation done for the persons holding class C licence and who are over 75 years of age. Such older persons need to complete an assessment with the reference from a medical practitioner.

Another twist in the tale is that those who are above 85 years of age also need to clear the assessment test every second year when it comes to retaining the licence.

Who can Conduct Test?

Not everyone can conduct the test. According to the professional trainers from the reputed driving school in Silverwater, such assessment tests are given only by the testing officers from Roads and Maritime Services or by Roads and Maritime accredited older driver examiner.

Eligibility Criteria for Older Driver Assessment Examiner

To become a driving instructor in NSW is completely different from becoming an older driver assessment examiner. The following are some of the points to keep a note of—

  1. Must have a minimum of three years of instructor’s licence
  2. Must have working knowledge on the various road safety rules and regulations
  • Must have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  1. Must successfully complete Roads and Maritime Older Assessor Workshop

Applying for Older Driver Assessment

The completed application needs to be supported with the following documents—

  • Certified copy of ABN and ACN certificate
  • Copy of different insurance copies and their coverage
  • Certified copy of Class C or NSW driving instructor

Ageing should no Longer be the Hindrance in Driving

The idea of getting around independently is something that cannot be explained in words. Therefore, when someone searches with driving school near me is typed, the instructors with several packages end up in the search pages that include—

  • Refresher courses that aim at revising the basics of the road rules and regulations and practising to bring in a little bit of confidence
  • The intermediate course consists of the instructions keeping in mind that the person learning has some basic idea of the driving


The various driving schools and the instructors have a crucial role to play when it comes to older driver assessment test. Besides assessing, the drivers, at times, instruct or guide the senior citizens with the right driving techniques and driving skill.



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