Rolling a “CROSS JOINT” Like An Avid STONER: Essential Tips!


The post educates the readers on how to make a cross joint like a pro stoner. Each step is explained lucidly for the reader’s knowledge.

Have you ever rolled a cross joint? You may have watched it online or probably seen a pro roll it at some juncture. And now you want to relive that experience, only this time by doing it on your own. 

However, a fun fact is- as intimidating a cross joint may appear, they are easier than you could have fathomed. Ohh… and PS- they are Wicked Cool!

So, if you want to master the art of rolling a perfect ‘Cross Joint’, here are the tips to do it at your first go. 

First, Straightening Our What You Will Need

Truth be told, the supplies that you need to make a cross joint is very similar to what you require for a normal joint- except for a couple of things.Your preferred brand of weed strain.

1.Your preferred brand of weed strain. 

2. A quality grinder.

3. Both small and large-sized best-in-class rolling papers.

4. A wire, pin or needle.

5. Quality scissors, along with a piece of card stock or cardboard.


Now Moving Over To The Steps

The first step is to roll a couple of (standard funnel joints)- one that will be a touch larger from the other one. If you wish to employ a filter; you can use it for your big joint. And the reason being; you will be lighting both ends of the small joint.

Use a paper clip to create a hole in the bigger joint. Then maneuver the paper clip in a way that it makes a large hole right through the large joint. Ensure the hole is as thick as the small joint. To be on the safe side; you should make the slender joint so that it easily gets through the not-so-thick hole in the bigger joint. 

Then using the same paper clip; create a small hole in the smaller joint too. This is to permit airflow when you light it up. Once that is done, insert the smaller joint into the large joint hole. One key aspect to check here is to ensure the holes poked are in coordination with the larger one.

The next step is to tear off the gum strip from the rolling paper. Use that strip to cover the centre part and make it airtight. This is an important step to achieve a good toke. So, do this step properly.


You’re All Set To Be ZONED OUT

Now that the cross joint is sealed properly using the glue strips of your rolling papers; you’re all set to fly HIGH. 

Begin by lighting the empty twist of the thick joint and puff slowly from its butt. Once you get clear smoke, light up the twisted ends of the slender joint too. Again continue taking gentle puffs. 

Last Word Of Advice

Always pick top-quality rolling paper for tobacco (or weed) if you plan on making such creative joints. It will only make your puffs even more pleasurable!



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