Root Canal: A Few Myths Debunked


A root canal is quite a common dental procedure recommended mostly when patients are experiencing a toothache. However, one must not forget that in spite of being such a relatively common treatment thus recommended today- the procedure itself is plagued with a number of misconceptions.

To start off with, let us tell you that even though root canal treatment in Adelaide is commonly recommended to address a toothache- it’s (i.e. a toothache) is not the only time when your dentist will recommend root canal to you. There are times when your teeth have actually died and cause no pain anymore. These are also the times when you may require a root canal. So, basically the belief that you will only be recommended this treatment when you’re experiencing toothache is nothing but a myth. Percussion testing and temperature testing are just a few ways with the help of which the dentist can ascertain whether your tooth is dead and requires a root canal or not. Discussed below are the other misconceptions regarding the root canal treatment.

#Myth 1: The Treatment is Necessarily Painful

Ask your dentist about it, and he will definitely tell you that more than 90% of his patients feel that root canal treatment is painful. On the contrary, the fact is – the treatment is not painful, but it is performed to offer you relief from the pain you have been suffering so far. Perhaps, decades ago when there were still no modern technologies or anaesthetics made available, this particular treatment could still be called painful  – but not today when most of the dentists are resorting to cutting-edge dental technology as far as the root canal is concerned.

#Myth 2: The results of Root Canal are inherently temporary

This one makes for a major misconception. The main aim of this particular treatment is to offer relief to the patient from a toothache and then preserve the affected tooth indefinitely. One can expect success only with the final restoration or crown. For best (read lifetime) results, make sure you are accessing services of an expert Adelaide dentist who is adept at providing well-fitted crown. An efficient crown combined with proper oral health and regular visit to the dentist will actually guarantee long-term results.

#Myth 3: Root Canal treatment often causes illness

Even the internet might as well tell you so. However, once you start digging deep to find out the truth behind such “claims”, you will actually come to know that the myth has its roots in a dubious research carried out a long time back. It was in the year 1920 that Dr Weston A. Price had distributed the result of the study. He used the results of this study to promote painful tooth extractions. It might as well be clearly spelt out that there is no concrete scientific evidence backing his research results. On the other hand, it has already been proved that root canal is effective and safe. It has already proved exceptional as far as eliminating bacteria from infected roots of your teeth is concerned.



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