Root Canal Treatment- Reasons why it is the Top Choice for tooth Treatment


Emily’s tooth was troubling her for quite a long time. Sleepless night, headaches, inability to eat, tooth pain- these all were bothering her. When she visited a dentist; after several rounds of treatment, it was found that Emily needed to undergo an immediate root canal treatment to get rid of the problem. She opted for it in the quickest possible time.

Root canal treatment (RCT) or better called as the endodontic treatment in the medico world, is that point of the medical emergency of the tooth when it gets decayed deep or develops a cavity or crack. The only way to get it treated is by filling or restoring. The intensity of the need for RCT can be made out from the fact that if left unattended leads to soreness, inflammation, and unbearable pain.

With so many advantages associated with RCT, the following are some of the reasons why it is the top choice for the patients suffering from tooth problem—

  • Treating the Dental Pulps

Pulp tissue is present at the core of the tooth. It mainly consists of the blood vessels, connective tissues and the sensitive nerves. The inflammation of the pulp tissue is a major concern and should be treated as a serious cause. Amongst several reasons for the pain or inflammation of the pulp tissue,

one of the most common reasons is the formation of the cavities. The bacteria present in the mouth produce some of the toxic materials in the mouth that are dangerous for the pulp. It has the ability to penetrate the pulp tissue. According to the dentist in Enfield, when it reaches the pulp chamber, it causes inflammation and pain because of the infection.

If the condition prevails for a long time without treatment, the tissue of the pulp dies leading to necrosis. These byproducts reach out to the apex of the root leading to the inflammation and the formation of an abscess. This is considered as a case of medical emergency and can be a real threat to life.

  • Swollen and Tender Gums

Swelling of the gums can be of different types and because of several reasons. One of the reasons is the infection. The cavity formed because of the tooth decay- on long-term- allows the bacteria and infection to penetrate to the root of the tooth. This infection affects the gum and the adjacent tissues leading to the gum to swell and pain a lot.

  • General Illness

It is not necessary that every time the reason can be directly associated with the tooth symptom. At times, the person can feel sick- feverish, uneasiness and formation of the lymph nodes. According to the HCF dentist in Adelaide, it is one of the signs that the person needs an immediate endodontic surgery. The probable reason for this general illness can be because of the spread of the infection through the gums.


Root canal treatment is one of the effective ways to treat the tooth ailments. Its effectiveness has made it to be one of the most sought out and preferred treatment by most of the people.



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