Safeguard your iPhone From Water Damage with These 3 Cool Tips


No matter how advanced your iPhone becomes, it certainly isn’t waterproof, and neither does it know how to swim.
Keeping in mind all the various outdoor activities which happen during Summer- and excitement level of participants- dropping your iPhone into a pool/puddle of water or spilling something over it is definitely on the cards.

Fret not. With problems also come solutions. Below explains some cool tips to save your phone from the unintentional yet frustrating water damage.

  • Tip 1:- To safeguard your phone from any water damage, you can limit taking it out of your pocket and resort you using wireless Bluetooth headsets. Most quality Bluetooth headsets have a higher resistance to water or any form of moisture exposure.
  • Tip 2:- The market is littered with waterproof phone covers which can act as a quality deterrent against water exposure or even accidentally falling into a pool of water. However, the only downside of such waterproof covers is that they are only available for specific devices- most of which are expensive. Now considering that you are an iPhone smartphone user, you will easily find plenty of quality options to safeguard your device.
  • Tip 3:- Although this may appear a bit strange, if suppose you are taking a long relaxing walk on the beach and you don’t own a wireless Bluetooth headset or a water-resistant phone cover; you can always put your’s inside a zip pouch. There are easily available, and its simple zip seals off the inside and prevents water or any form of moisture from getting in.

What To Do If It’s Too Late?

If you are one of the many unfortunate ones who dropped their iPhone device into a swimming pool or even into your toilet, then:-

  • Don’t try to switch on the device.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer to dry it quickly.
  • Do not look to plug in your charger.
  • Most importantly- do not follow the old ‘put your wet phone in a box of rice’ trick. This old trick does your phone more harm than good.

Ideally; you should allow your phone to dry off completely. So leave it for 24 hours and then try to restart it. If the device still doesn’t work, then schedule an appointment with an experienced technician specializing in iPhone water damage and other repair services across Ballarat.

Using the right set of tools and equipment; these repair technicians will repair whatever damage your phone has suffered due to water exposure.

Final Words:

Now that you are well-informed on how to protect your iPhone from water damage try them out. But if the damage is already done and you are left with a phone which practically appears dead, take it to a notable technician offering all sorts of mobile phone repairs near Geelong, and for other nearby suburbs.



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