Safety Measures for Protecting Outdoor Showroom LED Rental Screens


When it comes to installing outdoor LED screens, the need of the hour is a service that is free of any interference whatsoever. However, to make that happen, a string of precautions and safety measures need to be taken. It is necessary to consider wind direction and strength, the issue of lightning, rain and blizzard (if applicable), dissipation of temperature, and of course, the issue of load magnitude for ensuring an interference-free service.

Therefore, for hiring outdoor rental LED screens in Sydney, the following points have to be taken into account to guarantee the safety and security of the devices.

Installation of Lightning Arresters

As these screens are designed to be used outdoor under the open sky, they are more or less stubborn enough to withstand the rigours of natural elements like rain and dust, sunlight and strong winds. However, lightning is something that wrecks havoc to even the strongest structures.

That is why, you MUST take precautions so that the structure can survive lightning. The best thing to do in this case is to set up lightning arrester, which will help to prevent short-circuiting of LED screens, caused by magnetic distortion triggered off by the lightning strike. The support structure featuring the screen needs to be grounded well with a 3-ohm resistance to arrest lightning and its effect by enabling the discharge of current.

Adequate waterproofing

LED screens are powered by electricity. Hence, at any cost, they need to make waterproof. This is why it is important to hire them from a reputed company and only after making sure that adequate waterproofing has been done. If not, they may very well develop short circuits due to a heavy downpour.

Temperature Cooling Provision 

When these screens work, the temperature around them changes abruptly, due to the generation of a substantial amount of heat. However, even though the temperature increases, heat dissipation does not take place adequately, thereby affecting the integrated circuit of the screens.

As a result of this, the circuit burns down. In order to prevent this, an adequate ventilation system has to be installed within the screen, to ensure that a minimum temperature is maintained. Sometimes, these screens come up with axial fans over them that help in the discharge of heat.

Selecting the proper circuit chip

It is also important to select an appropriate circuit chip while renting showroom LED screens in Sydney. In fact, these screens must use industrial-grade chips to ensure unabated display even if there is an extreme fluctuation of temperature.

Thus, if you are to make the most use of these LED outdoor display screens, make sure you hire a quality one from a reputed company that hires out products with all these safety measures. It will not only justify your investment but will make things safer for you and your business.



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