Safety Tips For Ladies When Travelling For A Night Flight in Melbourne


Travelling alone to the airport-especially during night time can do a world of good for your personal growth. But unfortunately, thieves and con artists often consider women travelling alone as potential targets.

In today’s society, men and women are equals – no matter which facet of life you compare. It’s a time where a lot of working ladies travel to other regions for both business and personal reasons. But due to these unforeseen tragedies, harassment, gender-based crime, it is paramount that women take extreme caution while they’re en route to the airport.

“Always Trust Your Instincts.”

If you’re a solo female traveller, especially at night, then always trust your instincts. If you come across as someone or something that’s sending out uneasy vibes, then walk away or say ‘NO.’

Believe it or not, but your natural senses get heightened when you travel alone. So trust it!

“Avoid Travelling in Local Taxis.”

Not saying that every local taxi driver is diabolical. But there will come times when you will find drivers with veiled ulterior motives, enticing you into the cab by being too friendly, only to turn on you like a snake and attempting to mug you by taking a different course altogether. It happens all the time!

So, instead of falling for their cordial pretence; look to book your ride from a reliable airport taxi service provider in Melbourne known to offer on-time door-to-door pick-ups.

Pick for the reputed companies with years of experience and impressive market stature. They send out trained and knowledged drivers to escort you ‘COMFORTABLY’ and ‘SAFELY’ to your meant airport on time.

Another way to save yourself from being trapped by mischievous cab drivers or muggers is to speak to the locals and know about the scams to watch out for.

Strange enough; but you may find a number of them suggesting not to go for local cabs due to its unreliability and irrational fares. Instead, they may even recommend you names of a few top-rated airport transfer services in Melbourne for a fuss-free ride.

(‘Melbourne Airport Silver Taxi’ is one name you may hear on several lips, and owing to their word of mouth; you can can check it out for your late-night airport travels.)

“Dress Appropriately.”

Despite living in this modern society and considering ourselves to be open-minded, it’s a pity that women still need to be conscious of what they wear, particularly for night airport travels. Shameful indeed!

However, being left with little choices; you should always look to keep yourself safe. So, dress like a local to easily blend in. And to do that look around and pick up the local dress ethics so that you evade glares of those consumed with devious and dastardly intentions.

Other Safety Tips:-

  • Always let your friends/ partner/ or even your company acquaintance know about your itinerary at every point. Don’t fall off the grid entirely.
  • Always know the emergency number of the local area.
  • Keep pepper spray, a whistle cum necklace, a portable flashlight, and a small first aid kit- having Neosporin, Bandages, Aspirin, Antiseptic and Anti-Histamine.
  • Always keep a decent amount of cash in your bra stash- which is a small pouch present in the middle of the bra. This is a better option as to a money belt which can be easily spotted- especially when wearing formal/form-fitting attires.
  • Always keep copies of your identity card, insurance card, passport, both in hard copies and electronic copies with spare photos.
  • Also, keep a dummy wallet (containing all cancelled credit/debit/business cards with a little bit of cash).

“Your Safety Should Always Be Your Prime Concern!”

There’s no telling what sort of calamity may befall on you. So, it’s important to give yourself the best chance to avert those incidents. These aforementioned tips will help you stay safe in potentially dangerous situations.

As for the travel part, be sure to book a safe and relaxing ride from ‘on-time airport transfer providers near me.’ They are your best bet to travel safely without anyone potentially laying a finger on you.

Wish You Safe Travel!



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