“Samsung Galaxy Black Screen Of Death”:- What Is It?


“Oh, snap! I was playing Need-For-Speed on my Galaxy S7 smartphone, and suddenly the screen got black. What’s more, it won’t restart, and won’t fix itself! Whatever should I do?”

You’re familiar with this situation, aren’t you? Maybe; you’ve experienced something similar when your smartphone blacked out and became totally unresponsive! Well, worry not! This post will educate you on the proper steps to take to fix your device.

What Is SDS or Black Screen Of Death?

Sudden Death Syndrome, also known as the Black Screen Of Death, is one nasty bug that kills a lot of Galaxy smartphones. The issue begins at your Galaxy’s memory chip, and when it gets damaged, the device starts rebooting 4-5 times in a day!

Its Common Symptoms:-

Other than your Galaxy smartphone rebooting 4-5 times in a day, there are other common symptoms that you should know!

  • Your smartphone starts behaving strangely and reboots itself.
  • The green light keeps on blinking, but smartphone gets totally unresponsive.
  • The smartphone reboots and crashes a lot, and it drains your battery very quickly.
  • After some time, the smartphone increases its random reboots or freezing instances.
  • Your smartphone gets sluggish in its functionality and takes more time to respond to your requests.

Worst Of All:- After you have experienced most of these symptoms (if not all of them); your device will eventually die and never restart again.

What To Do?

Carl Foster- specialising in Samsung phone repairs Logan Central states clearly:-

“If you experience the SDS issue, then look to extract whatever data exists on your smartphone. There are lots of data recovery software that you can use to recover. If you are tech-savvy, you can always use ‘Broken Android Data Extraction to recover your lost information.

They are compatible with most main-stream Samsung Galaxy devices, and are very hassle-free to use as well!”

Alternatively; you can always take your Samsung Galaxy device to a phone repair service provider in Daisy Hill to look into the matter. Using their field experience and the right collection of tools, these professionals will dig deep into your damaged device and look to restore its original functionality. What’s more; these experts will also help you recover all your phone data!

The only thing you should do is not leave it unchecked, as delay will only kill your device.

So, is your Samsung Galaxy device showing signs of the Sudden Death Syndrome (Black Screen Of Death), find a reliable phone repair shop and set up an appointment immediately!



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