Sanitising Your Commercial/Office Space Post Lockdown – The Key DOs (& Few Don’ts)


It is quite pleasing to see some offices and commercial spaces re-opening after a prolonged lockdown phase to resume work. This semblance of normalcy does present a sign of hope that things will get back to the way it was- if not sooner than most definitely later!

But, just because some office owners and business runners have taken this bold decision to kick start things again, it doesn’t mean the danger which was lurking all this while, is over. The COVID-19 virus has seen numerous developments over the months. And now with many reports stating that the virus has gotten air-borne, the dangers of getting contaminated are far from over.

The only way for office/commercial workspace owners to stay safe is to ensure their facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day along with scheduled professional cleaning twice/thrice every month.

WHO has already mentioned in its previous reports about the importance of maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene for active commercial workspaces, post lockdown. And while doctors are continuing their tireless crusade to find a universal cure for this SARS-2 Coronavirus (COVID-19), WHO encourages all business owners to adopt good cleaning practices- particularly with everyone working together again under one roof.

Adhering to the reports from WHO and CDC- Centres for Diseases Control & Prevention; here are some mandatory Dos (& Don’ts) which both employers and employees can follow to inhibit the spread of virus contamination inside their workspace.

Starting With The Crucial Dos –

  • All surfaces which are prone to regular touches must be properly wiped and sanitised. Those include –desks, tables, phones, door handles, doorknobs, keyboards, desk phones, coffee mug, printers, kitchen tops, microwaves, fridge, ac remote, bathroom doors, toilet, behind the commode, tapware, light switches, window doors and sills, carpets, rugs, tiled floors, etc.
  • Ensure hand sanitisers are present at every employee’s desk and encourage them to use it numerous times throughout the day. Also, stock up soap and clean tissues in the washroom. You can even include a note pointing out mandatory hand washing for 20-seconds.
  • Advise every employee to wear a face mask and use disposable gloves, all times. Also keep tissue paper for those employees coughing, sneezing and having a running nose. For those showing signs of infection, advise them to get a doctor’s check-up and self-quarantine themselves.
  • Dusting, vacuuming, mopping and sweeping should be done 2–3 times throughout the day. Dust and dirt can accumulate quickly with increased foot traffic. Plus, the occasional spills or dropping food bits also attracts insects and create a safety hazard. You need to ensure such accidents happen at a minimum and the floors and carpets appear clean and smell-free at all times.

In addition to the usual cleaning and disinfection; you also need to arrange for quality commercial cleaners serving across Melbourne to deep clean your workspace carpets, floors, grouts along with other germ-prone surfaces and areas.

You can also request them to clean all vents and remove pollutants and air-borne allergens so that the air circulated is contamination free.

Commercial Cleaning Service Melbourne
Commercial Cleaning Service Melbourne

Also, Avoid These Few Don’ts –

  • Never keep hand sanitisers which are lesser than 70% alcohol
  • Don’t make seating arrangements too close. Re-set if needed to ensure there is ample distancing between every employee
  • Don’t allow anyone to work from your office if they are showing noticeable signs of coughing, sneezing or other respiratory symptoms possibly pointing towards COVID-19 infection
  • Never allow carpets to stay damp for too long. It could cause mould/mildew growth


Never ignore the importance of hiring professionals offering commercial cleaning services all across Melbourne to sanitise your workspace.

Regular vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping are important. But they only prove effective in removing the upper layer of germs, dirt, filth and even bacteria. Along with it; you need to present your commercial workspace with a thorough clean-up to remove any trace of bacteria, germs and existing microscopic contaminants.

These professional office/commercial space cleaners operating across metropolitan Melbourne have specialised training to deliver optimal cleaning and disinfection. They will focus on every nook and corner of your workplace and use the appropriate cleaning approach for different areas to prevent COVID-19 or other germs from hampering your employee’s health.

They have all the tools, resources and experience under their belt to properly clean your commercial workspace and make it hygienic for everyone inside (including you) to work at peace.

Ideally; you should call them at least twice every month to professionally clean your commercial premise. And as most top rated cleaning companies in Melbourne offer their services at reasonable industry-standard rates; you won’t find it too much for your wallet either!



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